Summer angle speculation.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. I'm pretty sure this is just Dave Meltzer putting two and two together like a typical moron, but oh well, it's worth posting.
  2. Well, everyone was already aware of that, we're already thinking about what's this big angle going to be. I hope it isn't HHH vs Brock.
  3. Hope it is true. Nexus made it a lot more interesting last time.
  4. If it is Brock V HHH then the shock value is completely gone. So I don't think it will be to be honest, the more I think about it. Obviously any summer angle they make won't be as big as Brock vs HHH unless it's something like PG Era vs Attitude Era or something, nothing is knocking big nose out the main event though.

    I really don't think/hope we can go from amazing Nexus debut, shocking WWE shoot promo to Brock vs HHH -.-.
  5. Brock vs HHH is an overrated match IMO.
  6. I know, I'm also hoping it isn't that, and I agree, even though HHH loves being the main event, no way that a feud that can be good like HHH vs Brock is going to be the storyline that's supposed to "shake the foundations" of the WWE like Nexus and the shoot.
  7. I think their big angle is going to be Big Show being a monster and murdering everyone. Seriously. And it is going to bore the absolute fucking shit out of me and if it's not that then it's gonna be Brock and Triple H which is completely over rated. If they wanna do something big like Nexus or the shoot have some of the FCW guys come up in a group and destroy everyone. I know. Repetetive but better then any of the other shit we got going on.
  8. Should be Ambrose, Barrett or Ziggs who get it.
  9. I think linda will announce that she's pregnant with HHH's baby
  10. Agreed.
  11. Miz deserves it aswell, but is he filming The Marine throughought the summer?


    Ambrose will be pushed, but he wont get it because to the casual fans hes a nobody so it would be stupid to them, its only smarks that are excited about Ambrose, but he will be ME or upper midcard.
  12. I read years ago Stephanie wanted a reason to come back to RAW. This was before the Randy and Hunter settled things at WrestleMania, but I don't think she was satisfied with only that. I'm certain she is seeing what Brooke is doing in TNA and wants to out-do her
  13. tbh stephanie has always outdone brooke. just look @ her recent work. shes running wwe so well.
  14. lol dude im pretty sure your signature is bestiality
  15. A few superstars, Vince, HHH, Steph, and Ace as a big heel stable running the company.

    Let's do it.
  16. Don't worry it'll be good, just got to have the right people.
  17. It might indeed have something to do with HHH/Brock. I remember reading awhile back that only a select few people (HHH, Brock, Vince, Steph, maybe a couple others) knew what direction the HHH/Brock angle was going. They made it sound like something surprising was gonna come out of that angle. And while some may feel the feud is overrated, WWE doesn't, so if it's them saying they have a big angle planned, this is probably it.
  18. It may have to, but I'd like the Summer angle to be about a younger star, not two guys who aren't even full time wrestlers. I mean, in WWE's vision it's possible, and I'm not saying it can't be a good feud, it can, but as the big summer angle we're expecting to save the programming? Not sure where it's going, it's got to involve upper management and be a threat to WWE as a whole if it's going to be the big storyline.
  19. God if they get HHH to feud with his wife again it'll remind me of back then lol
  20. "The latest word..."
    "They are working..."
    "It is said..."

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