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  1. Brock Lesnar a face? :annoyed:

    Possible opponents for Brock Lesnar if he's a face? Mark Henry, Randy Orton (heel), who else?
  2. Face Lesnar? That doesn't sound very good.
  3. Face Lesnar and heel punk? That sounds like turning Rey Mysterio heel and putting him against a face Big Show.
  4. Please die WWE if there is even a morsel of truth that this rumor has stemmed from. Fuck you
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  5. Punk beating Lesnar is not believable at all, equally as Lesnar turning face.I don't see it happening at all
  6. I think you'd warm up to the idea if it involved Brock beating the shit out of Punk like he did to Miz on Monday.
  7. Face Brock doe.

    I would mark during the match if Brock got stiff with little Punk (he may kill him if he did) but the inevitable 1,2,3 for Punk over Lesnar might be enough to make me turn into a CM Punk hater.
  8. Oh boy, let's hope it's BS
  9. Brock is around for two more years apparently, so he might get the nod over Punk.
  10. What a joyous occasion that would be :phew:
  11. I like how some people feel Daniel Bryan would be a good candidate to perhaps pull out an upset victory over Brock, but yet feel Punk isn't credible enough to do so.

    I personally feel Punk shouldn't win a match with Brock either, but it could easily be a good feud. Punk going face is much more plausible than Brock. The monster that Brock is, especially with his legitimate UFC background, almost anyone that goes up against him is an automatic underdog. Not the kind of guy that fits that well in the face role. The money is in seeing who can actually go toe to toe with this monster and win, so unless they intend it as some sort of squash match, have faith that WWE isn't dumb enough to turn Brock face to go up against a heel Punk.

    But anyway, Punk could put up a very good and believable fight and if he did that and lasted a while before inevitably losing to Brock, that would be good enough. I don't like Punk going back face either, but it's bound to happen eventually with the kind of reactions he gets. I even wonder if they could pull off a heel/heel feud with these two. They're difficult to pull off (successfully) but not impossible. Hell, Punk is already a tweener (in terms of the reactions he gets) so they could make him out to be more of the baby face of the feud with Brock without officially turning him, and then have him move right on to another feud with an actual baby face after the Brock feud is over.
  12. I'll turn into a CM Punk hater if he does defeat him to be honest. A Brock Lesnar face turn is the worst decision possible, why would they even consider that?
  13. Didn't you tell Laura and several others not too long ago that they shouldn't take out their anger out on Rock for WWE's booking decisions? Shouldn't the same logic apply here?

    Yeah, I don't think they are considering that, and the report doesn't even say they are. The first half says Lesnar/Punk is a feud WWE is planning, while the second is just them basically stating that since the vast majority of feuds are heel/face, one of them probably will turn face, and Lesnar is one of them thus "which could suggest that Brock is turning babyface eventually." I'm assuming they singled out Lesnar since most people would use logic and assume Punk, so this report sticks out more. Plus, Lesnar's the biggest name so there's that too.

    In short, this report is stating at all that WWE is planning to turn Lesnar face and if they were I'd personally write it off as BS as I have trouble believing that WWE is that moronic.

    Anyway, I'm a fan of the match. Both of them being involved with Heyman gives it both a good reason to happen kayfabe wise and builds a backstory for the feud. I'm a fan of both men, which is easily a plus for any match. I can imagine it playing out similarly too the Punk/Henry matches, or the Brock/Cena match (minus the terrible finish), both of which I really enjoyed. I definitely don't think Punk should win, and when it happens I really hope he doesn't, but I'm just glad to hear a match being thrown out that I actually have slight interest in unlike the vast majority of the ones WWE are heading to for Mania & Elimination Chamber.
  14. Hi I'm D'Z, nice to meet you. The joke was that I am already a huge CM Punk hater. I can see how without that information the joke would be lost on you.
  15. I'm personally a fan of the match however someone will have to turn a face or a heel. Alliteratively, CM Punk can play as a tweener as the older audience will always be a fan of him. Furthermore, I'm seeing that people aren't a fan of Brock Lesnar turning face as I am, myself. I can't see Brock Lesnar and Paul Haymen becoming famous and taking on superstars such as Mark Henry, a heel Randy Orton, etc, it's just not them. They're natural heels and can work wonders as their natural role, heels.

    The match itself will be great and an awesome build up. I'm a fan of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk to an extent. CM Punk will probably go over but that's an understandable future business decision. I, myself, will be angry at the fact that CM Punk would go over someone like a dominant machine, Brock Lesnar, however if it's a route they wish to take, it's understandable.
  16. Wow, pretty sure I already knew this, how the fuck did it slip my mind? Well, can't say I'm too pleased with myself right now, but I was bound to mess up on here eventually.

    I can't imagine anyone who's actually a fan of the idea of Lesnar turning face. Luckily, Lesnar isn't turning face in the foreseeable future and as I previously stated the report isn't even saying he will or that WWE is thinking about it. So there's no need to worry about it.

    As for Punk, he should always be playing a tweener in my opinion. His heel stuff tends to rely on delivering the same exact promo week in and week out, and for an understandable reason I guess, and his face work, while I tend to enjoy it, a lot of people seem to find bland.

    Yeah, I agree Punk shouldn't go over Brock and if I cared about the going-on's of WWE any more I'd probably be angry over that result too.

    I don't necessarily think it's a better business decision either. I've read, in this thread, that Lesnar's around for another two years and CM Punk has constantly said that he's retiring sooner than we think. With that in mind, I honestly don't see him still being around in three years.
  17. I won't be watching if this is true.
  18. It's all good man. I sometimes like to post as a condescending asshole.

    You get this one pass. Next time we will all point and laugh.
  19. Wasn't Lesnar face before, and didn't it turn out relatively well? Seem to remember Heyman betraying him to join Big Show around the relaunch of WWECW, and it worked really well. Obviously, CM Punk was the most over face in years in 2011, so either one turning face could work and has worked.

    But the obvious problem happens: Creative. Lesnar was a fan favorite back in a time when creative could actually book a babyface character. A smiley babyface Lesnar can kiss the fattest part of my ass. We've seen what it did to Punk, it was a disaster.
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