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  1. Made a similar thread about this a year ago and now here's one for 2013.

    Now we all know WWE tends to have a huge storylines around summer, and if you don't remember, here are a few.

    2007 - Vince McMahon Limo Death
    2008 - Vince Selling RAW/Getting injured (Storyline)
    2009 - DX Reforming/CM Punk Heel?
    2010 - Nexus
    2011 - CM Punk's Shoot
    2012 - CM Punk's Heel Turn/The Shield

    This time we have a bit more light on possible outcomes that might happen. For one, Brock Lesnar has signed another contract with the WWE ending at Wrestlemania 31 I believe. We have a new stable which consists of three stars fighting for Justice. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. #TheShield

    We can already have one possible prediction of the huge summer storyline which would be The Shield going separate paths and breaking up. This one seems very likely, but we'll have to wait and see the outcome on PPV's for the next few months. They've been given promo time to explain themselves, they've defeated Team Sell NO! also known as Cena/Sheamus/Ryback and supposedly got rid of, "The John Cena Problem" even though he's main-eventing Wrestlemania.

    So as I said, that would be one scenario of the big summer storyline which is The Shield breaking up. Another scenario can be Brock Lesnar turning face, but this all depends on how many dates he's given around summer. Feuding with a heel Orton at Summerslam would be nice imo, but it's a long shot for now.

    Anyways, spread on your ideas.
  2. the sheild was not made until Nov. way past Summer. CM Punk turn heel was the big Summer plan. IDK what it will be this year? Maybe a Brock vs. Cm Punk for the WWE Champion maybe!?
  3. I know, but I felt I should include The Shield because to the smarks, it was a bigger deal than Punk turning heel.
  4. A John Cena feud with Mark Henry is fresh and new, and a given for Cena's next world title reign. I've said before I'd like to see Cena/Henry kind of imitate Hogan/Earthquake from 1991, only with the title involved. For those who wasn't watching back then or haven't gone back and watched any of this stuff, Earthquake sat his big ass onto Hogan's chest and put him out of action for a few months or so. Kids were crying in the audience, and fans actually wrote in letters and stuff, thinking Hogan was really hurt. Henry is a perfect heel to pull this off in a modern day angle. It would be awesome to have him even win the title and put Cena out for 2-3 months, destroying people before Cena comes back and wins in the big revenge/comeback match. I doubt WWE are willing to let Cena take a few months off, though. They wouldn't even have Cena take some time off after Wrestlemania following the "biggest loss of his career", or when Brock should have gone over the following month or when Cena sold a broken arm and even said at Extreme Rules that he was taking time off (and then didn't, and this was a time when CM Punk was supposed to have been pushed as a new top baby face of the company.)

    If they build Ryback up as the monster face they want him to be, then a face-face feud between Cena and Ryback at Summerslam, with Ryback finally taking the title seems likely. But I predicted Ryback would not become the next big baby face and I'm very thankful that I'm right thus far. I do not want to see this.

    I've been predicting a face turn for CM Punk for quite awhile now. As much as some people aren't looking forward to it, he gets huge face reactions more often than not, even against the #1 baby face The Rock. The eventual turn is inevitable. There's talk of Punk/Lesnar later in the year and Lesnar being the face in this feud is pretty retarded, so yeah. Expect the Punk/Heyman relationship to dissolve probably as soon as Mania is over, and Lesnar puts Punk on the shelf, only to return in the summer for a big program with Brock. I personally want to see Brock and Punk work together at least once before a break up happens, though. I had an idea in the PPV section about doing a Punk/Brock versus Undertaker/Triple H match at Extreme Rules, which I think would be awesome.

    The summer time also seems like a good guess for when The Shield will implode and break apart.
  5. I've been thinking of a CM Punk face turn as well. But I didn't write it because I thought to myself it's too early to turn him back. Would there be any profit with him turning to a face so soon? If he were to turn to a face once again, I could see the scenario of him and Paul Heyman not getting along and drifting apart. CM Punk would eventually turn on Paul Heyman and Lesnar would destroy Punk setting a match up around Summerslam.

    Another possible turn is for a Ryback heel turn, but in my opinion it's too early for Ryback to be Main Eventing at all because he hasn't been built as a monster yet. Lost 5 consecutive PPV's and hasn't shown me anything impressive thus far. Facing the jobbers early on didn't do anything for me, so why should I feel that he is a threat? If they build him up properly, he has potential to be an amazing heel, but other than that, he's just there.
  6. Punk turning heel was a big storyline? I missed that memo
  7. To the WWE it was. To the fans, it seemed they forgot to make one.
  8. If anything I would say Lesnar was the 'summer storyline' of 2012
  9. He did look like beast during it, but it didn't really have the shocked the world factor.

  10. If you cheat and combine the Cena feud with the summer storyline it is easily Lesnar. But still, it was a way bigger storyline than Punk turning heel after what, like a 6 month half ass face turn?
  11. Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk will be the summer storyline imo, Heyman turning on Punk which will lead to a punk face turn.
    We also know that Orton is turning heel after WM, so things will get really exciting heading into the summer.
  12. Punk's heel turn didn't do much so I guess you're right in a sense, but I'm just basing it off WWE's standpoint. He was against Cena and Show at SS, so that match was crap.

    Lesnar breaking Shawns and HHH arm and quitting after killing them seems like the better storyline.
  13. Punk turning heel was great, but I won't rate it even close to the Shield's debut and Lesnar's return, these 2 storylines were obviously the best thing that happened in 2012.
  14. I don't know, but Punk/Lesnar sounds likely.
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