Summer Rae first WWE photoshoot preview

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  1. Summer Rae took part in her first WWE Magazine photo shoot today.
    Here is a preview:

    Looks good
  2. In before wwe uses her as the new Kelly Kelly.
  3. Oh, God no, pleeeaase no!!! Kelly was hot, but that was all she was. WWE better not fuck her character up.
  4. Senhor's bad pun of the day:

    Looks like it's going to be a hot Summer this year :jeritroll:
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  5. :isee:
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  7. I just hope they don't make her act & look stupid like KK. She already is better at wrestling... So I hope they don't ruin her. I can see her being the next McCool which imo was one of the best Divas they ever had.I still wish they would bring in some heavy weight divas though. They are down to having Natalya & Kaitlyn who have large arms & look like wrestlers. I would like to see a few big women, like Karma & a few more that are built like Natalya & Kaitlyn.
  8. Well, I agree with the heavy weight Diva's , like Karma (btw, whatever happened to her?) and that the only "heavy weight" Diva's are not even heavy weight Diva's. I wanna see her like Lita, or Trish, like the old-school Diva's
  9. Karma had a miscarriage & became very depressed.
    And yeah... What I liked about Trish & Lita is they weren't all about "Look at my tits!" Though, they did try to play Trish off that way a few times... I liked that Lita was like a Tomboy... I don't like watching abuncha barbies bounce around the ring.
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  10. Well, I think the reason that they played Trish like that because to the fans, she was one of the hottest diva's back in the day... And, yeah, they were not like "Look at my ass! It's so big!" (But AJ doesn't do that, yet people still whislte (or however you spell it) when she's in her gear and bends over), I would like her to be a mix of Lita and Trish, half- sexy, half-powerful, like Diva's were! I don't want her to be someone's bitch either.
  11. My biggest complaint with the Divas division is there is hardly any diversity. When you look at the Superstars.. You see so many different builds. Like Triple H, Brodus Clay, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, The Big Show... They all have different builds. With the Divas, its only ever tall & skinny or tall & supper skinny with big boobs, though AJ added some variety to it (being short, small chested). They only have two women who have buff builds. They had Gail Kim who was a great wrestler & could have been the women's Rey but noooo... wwe wouldn't let her wrestle the way she could. I honestly could care a less about their looks... I would much rather see women who can wrestle in the ring then women who were pulled off of the runway. That Vince's problem. He thinks that ALL of the women have to be runway model standards because HE thinks that is attractive. Have you looked at runway models? They are all tall, thin & have weird facial features. I want to see more AJ's & Layla's (short), more Beth's & Natalya's (buff) & a few bigger women who can dominate like Mark Henry & Big Show do in the men's. Its like there is such a standard on looks that for women in wrestling & even modeling, where you have to be skinny or super fat... I just don't understand why you have to be either of the two extremes to be successful.
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  12. That's gold... pure gold... But, I totally agree with you.
  13. Thats been an issue for a while, look at Tough Enough, Jackie and Nidia (2 great women wrestlers) won and just became managers and did nothing because they had a different build! And the name Divas doesnt help, It seems like they have no respect for them by making the womens championship the divas championship!
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  14. That too! Why the heck are they calling them divas in the first place!? Bring back the Women's Championship & scrap the whole "divas" bs already. When I think of wrestlers... I think tough, athletic, charismatic men & women... Not barbies! That company really doesn't have any respect for women at all. I am honestly shocked some of them are aloud to wear pants/tights. AJ is a great wrestler yet she was being played off as a hooch, now, a crazy girlfriend... That match she did last night was great! She should be in the ring, not being some side show girlfriend. Dolph don't need to help from a female anymore. He hasn't for a long time. Then with Cameron & Naomi... WTH!? They have them DANCING!? They are possibly the best women wrestlers they have and they have them acting like hoochie mamas!... Yeah I rant about this all the time... Can you tell? haha It makes me mad though that they treat women like eye candy & not athletes.
  15. I agree with that! I mean, I was fine when it first debuted in 2008, because the Women's Title was still around, and when It was retired (Glad Layla was the last tile holder) I was so pissed because Vince doesn't give a damn about the Women's Division. He honestly does not give a shit! All he cares about is giving the Male Fans something to :fap: to. It's fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit..
  16. You do have a point, AJ is different, She doesnt do playboy or shit, She actually has some self respect and doesnt go around like a slut (Apart from her storyline).
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  17. That's what I love about her.
  18. See if I was a female wrestler I would NEVER want to work for the wwe... All that hard work & you are deemed to be eye candy or a side show for some superstar. Its not right. They hardly ever have matches last over 3 minutes on top of it.
  19. That is why I like AJ... She draws a line. She doesn't want to be known as a magazine cover harlot.. lol
    ...Ironically enough, because she doesn't want to hooch herself out, is prob the reason she isn't actively wrestling on TV other then once in awhile.
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