Summer Rae Super Hot Sexy Dance

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Paulie G, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Action from WWE in San Diego.
  2. Maybe if you point the camera at her crotch more. That could help.

    But still, nice video.
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  3. I mean... that was just a bit creepy.
  4. I love the title, not just hot. SUPER HOT!
  5. Would love to be Fandingler. I could've seen if she had underwear on.
  6. I'll never understand why people think she is so hot. Pretty generic and not the most attractive face by any stretch. nice legs, that's about it
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  7. When she dances, her face kills it for me.
  8. she's not even a remotely good dancer, but that might be the joke.
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  9. Yeah, something about her is fucking weird, and I'm not only talking about her witch-y face, just in general she looks weird. Feels like I'm looking at an alien or something. That being said, would still bang obviously.
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  10. Dem legs doe
  11. Not a good dancer? Look at her on RAW last Monday in that SS rematch. She was dancin her alien-lookin ass off. Yeah, Hoff kids. She's a pretty horrible dancer. I challenge her monkey ass to a ballroom dance off
  12. She would get 3s and 4s if this were DWTS. Sub standard trash
  13. Put her on that show just for the lols. Hoff would enjoy seeing her bomb, maybe enjoy it a little too much :ksi:
  14. I watched the season with Stacy and the one w/ Y2J, but he didn't last long.
  15. He was in the final 4
  16. incorrect

    he was the 5th one eliminated
  17. Close enough
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