Summer Rae will be joining the 2nd Season of Total Divas

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  1. I don't watch this show personally but I've heard Daniel Bryan, John Cena, the Usos and a few other superstars have appeared on it but now Summer Rae joins the 2nd season cast which means she should be coming up to the main roster full time soon I would imagine. But I assume if the Fandango/Summer grouping stays up he may appear on the show which would be interesting to see if he pops up as his real life person as John and DB do.

    Anyway for anyone who does watch the show here's the link of her announcement:
    Just thought i'd share didn't think the majority would really care about it.
  2. Fandango had little parts in the first season. I'm not keen on Summer Rae yet, but maybe this will change my mind. She can't be as bad as Nikki Bella, right?
  3. The best is seeing how dumb Eva Marie is.. and I've only seen the show once with an ex of mine.
  4. I couldn't hate Eva Marie any more if I tried. I swear it's the idiots like her that make the Divas division look so bad.
  5. Maybe she can get plastic surgery and not look so witchy, would be good for ratings
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  6. Summer is hot to me.
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  7. Seconded. Her face can have some awful looks from time to time, but those legs :fap:. She's like the new, but not as hot as, Stacey Kiebler.
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  8. Agreed, she has the body of kiebler but the dead eyes of Kelly Kelly
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  9. As long as this leads to a Summer and Eva catfight with wine going everywhere. I'm happy.

    And then maybe fandango can come in and break it up. :woo:
  10. Ballroom dress match! Not in todays PG WWE............LAME
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  11. Are you implying that Eva is classy enough to wear a ballroo... Let me stop.
  12. I don't really care what she's wearing as long as it gets torn off
  13. Well aslong as it gets rid of time that could be used for Cameron/Eva Sections i'm fine with this.
  14. Lol lets not compare Summer to the goddess Stacy, that's just insulting.
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  15. Agreed
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