Summer Slam Expectations

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Are you expecting Summer Slam to be...

    Fair - Nothing special, not worth watching
    Okay - A few good matches but just over all "okay"
    Average - Some good matches, good story line, average PPV
    Above Average - Really good matches, surprises, above average PPV
    Excellent - Every match being good, story line great, worth watching
  2. Above average.

    Recent PPVs and RAWs have been good and there are potentially some great matches on the card:

    Cena v Bryan
    Lesnar v Punk
    ADR v Ziggler v Big E?
    Kane v Bray Wyatt?
    Sandow v Rhodes for briefcase?
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  3. We don't even know the full card yet lol. But the double main event is enough to sell the show for me.
  4. Okay. You could see most of the matches coming...
  5. Average at best, especially if the Orton cash in rumours are true.
  6. Theres one match confirmed.
  7. Cena vs Bryan. But we'll see Lesnar vs Punk, Rhodes vs Sandow,... Right now there's only one confirmed but we know those matches will take place at SS
  8. They will all be awesome.
  9. I am expecting it to be above average but I have gut feeling we will get a normal PPV.
  10. Average but i am sure Cena/Bryan will be worth me watching it.
  11. I think it has the potential to be Excellent.
  12. It's going to be good I hope! Looking forward to Lesnar/Punk.
  13. Overall a good show with a few good matches, that's what OK means here...
  14. Well Destination X was like that too and you gave it a 10/10

    Cant wait for this PPV
  15. I'm still excited because Chris Sabin is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. IMO: Sabin>Del Rio
  16. Yeah ofc Sabin is better but Ziggler/Del Rio >>>>>> Ray/Sabin
  17. They didn't even had a feud, it was a match where Sabin defeated Bully using his own weapon
  18. I might go to it for Bryan. Not expecting it to be all that great though. Always have low expectations when it comes to WWE, I hope they prove me wrong though.
  19. Average. Possibly below average.
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