Summer Time Diva Battle Royal

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Layla's so god-damn sexy. I wish I could have 1 night with her. Pause at 1:19, that's so sexy. Look at her tits, they're perfect. She has a beautiful ass. A nice and gorgeous face. Layla's so nice.
  2. Must admit I was surprised to see this on RAW but it made a divas section watchable!
  3. pretty sure i just heard an orgasm through text... yes she is sexy but her accent reallydoes it for me
  4. This was a great segment, more of this would make the Diva's so much more watch-able. This was so loveable.
  5. I agree mate just a shame that the divas have become more bout tits and ass but nevermind lets give WWE credit for a good divas segment which impressed and didn't involve a piss, cig or food break for once.
  6. it was watchable because it was about 10 divas and lasted all of 2 minutes.... which is how the womens division should be... it should be just a bit of a perve..not much storyline and then back to real wrestling
  7. See I disagree as I used to love the days of Chyna, Lita, Trish, Ivory etc when they could wrestle and some of them were eye candy.
  8. those days are gone my friend... there are no more stacy kieblers or chynas or stratuss... womens wrestling officially died the day mickie james got fired
  9. very true!

  10. Those where the days. They where sexy and could wrestle.
  11. The diva that was missing from this who shuold of been there is Kelly Kelly
  12. Love the face expression.
  13. Foxx looks pretty damn fit in this as well!
  14. I love it, too. Layla's just sexy.
  15. U must Fap to Layla so much u never shut up bout her #stalker
  16. She's just insanely sexy. I can't help myself, she's a dream woman. (Don't fap to her.)
  17. LOLS bless lad!
  18. I don't fap to her.
  19. :fap::fap::fap::fap::fap:

    Course u dont! U make love to ur hand!
  20. I'm a full Layla fan. :dawg:
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