summer transfer window thread

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  1. a bit early but thought i may as well make it as theres some interesting rumours going around

    So far ive heard

    Lewindowski to man utd or b munich
    Falcao to as monaco
    Neymar to barcelona
    Fellani and baines to man utd
    Rooney to madrid or psg
    Ronaldo to man utd
    Rio ferdinand to brazil(can't remember the team mentioned)

  2. Falcao to monaco? Huh?

    A lot seem to be centered around United. I can honestly see a Ronaldo return, and a Rooney + £30 million deal is being spoken about. If that doesn't happen, I can see us bidding for Bale. We need wingers, and we need Rooney replacements if he leaves. Lewandowski has been rumoured for so long, and normally those long-ones tend to be accurate. Not sure why we need him though, as he is not a Rooney replacement and plays a similar role to the best striker in the world (RVP). I don't see him coming. Falcao was rumoured, and Atletico actually released a statement saying we bid or were interested, but I tend to think that's just to have Falcao be the "hot buy" again to increase bids from Chelsea etc. I definitely see Falcao at Chelsea.

    Baines to United is - in my opinion - the most realistic. He is one of the best LB's in the world now, and would want CL football towards the prime stages of his career. With his former manager moving to United, it seems destined.
  3. falcao is 99% done apparently i hope not i want him in the prem and lol didn't realise ive done mainly man utd there the hot topic of the week tbf though
  4. Falcao 99% done to who?
  5. Daily Mail. If there is many, you probably couldn't have posted a worse source lmao. But yeah, if it's so he can get rich and then free himself up for a Madrid move then sweet. Surprised that he would want to go to Monaco when he is in the prime of his life though.
  6. Money talks in football these days And I know lol first one that come up suprised you havn't heard about it lol
  7. I tend to ignore stories like that from papers like that, because they're normally BS. The more extravagant he story, the more the paper sells. I'm just taking your word that there is many sources saying this. I'm glad in a way, as if we're not going to get him, I don't want any premier league team to have him.
  8. there was 119 related article according to google must be something in it lol at least psg have some compitition now in spending power
  9. Neymar to Madrid for 100M ?
  10. i heard €27 million earlier for neymar
  11. Toby Alderweireld to Liverpool for 9M
  12. Falcao is going to Monaco for 60 m and then Monaco will sell him to Madrid for the same price in January 2014 and all of this because he has a clause in his contract that won't let him be directly transferred to madrid
    source:it's all over the place :crayo:
  13. Slyvan Ebanks Blake apparently coming in on a free, should be an interesting move after picking up 15 in a struggling side last season.
  14. Falcao will be what, 28/29 when this happens? £60 million for a 29 year old seems a bit much for me.
  15. Neymar will flop in Spain if he's goes there. Mark my words.
  16. Spain's referees are ridiculously anal about contact, so I think he'll thrive there imo.
  17. I just think the standard will be too much for him. Has he performed well in one big game yet?
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