SummerSlam 1999 Review (Fisrt review ever)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Marshall, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. WWF SumerSlam 1999
    Attendance: 17,370
    Buyrate: 600,000 buys approx.
    Commentators/Announcer J.R, Jerry "The King" Lawler & announcer Howard Finkel (had a nice skit with Jericho early on the show)
    Crowd signs of note: "I poop too much", "Paul Bearer is sexy", & a "" sign.
    My Review (open)

    Match 1: European & Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Jarrett Vs D-Lo Brown (c)
    The match itself was solid, but in the typical Attitude Era way that wasn't the focal point, Debra was. Firstly when Mr. Slapnuts entered the ring with Debra they had an argument, thus Jarrett ordered Debra back to the back, (He was doing the misogynist thing in 99) this was for about 20 seconds when D-Lo Brown sympathized with her & brought her back out, to the delight of fans...& Jerry Lawler. The finish was in the classic Russo/Crash TV style, Debra gets on the apron, Jarrett threatens to hit her & the ref gets between them. Mark Henry does a run in, snatches the guitar and smashes it... over D-Lo Brown. Jarrett covers 1... 2... 3. New European & Intercontinental champion. It was all a conspiracy, Debra rejoices with Slapnuts Jarrett & Henry. As I said the in-ring work was very solid, as you would expect from guys like Jarrett & D-Lo, but I wasn't feeling the finish here at all. **1/2

    Match 2: Tag Team Turmoil match for #1 Contendership for the WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian (E&C The New Brood/The Hardyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) Vs Viscera & Mideon Vs Droz & Prince Albert Vs The Acolytes Vs The Holly Cousins.
    The Rules: 2 teams start, as soon as 1 team is eliminated (via pin, submission, DQ, & count out) another team enters until one team is remaining. This match was one of Edge & Christian's first shinning moments IMO, they started the match with The Hardyz, who had recently joined with Gangrel to form The New Brood. as maybe a sign of the future as these two teams I think got the most time in the match together. The Hardyz did their usual spots & the crowd was up for it, the first elimination sequence was awesome, both Jeff & Edge were Irish whipped towards the barricades on either sides of the ring, Jeff & Edge both run around the barricade & as Jeff tries his attack of the barricade he gets speared in mid air by Edge. E & C then do a double team on Matt Hardy and eliminate the Hardys with a pinfall. Viscera & Mideon are the next team, E&C make quick work of them & pick up the elimination. This is the same for the next team consisting of Droz & Prince Albert (I forgot how hairy the fucker was!) The next team enters, The Acolytes. E&C get little offense in here & are eliminated next. The final team is The Holly Cousins (Crash & Hardcore). They brawl for 2-3 minutes until Crash & Hardcore have an argument, they start fighting & Hardcore kicks Crash in the face. The Acolytes win off a spinebuster by Faarooq. This match was the genesis of E&C, as they eliminated the most teams & lasted the most time. Although I didn't like the way they lost so abruptly to The Acolytes it was logical, as the Acolytes were the new team in the match & E&C were the first team to enter. It also showed a bit of the chemistry that The Hardy Boyz & E&C would show in the Ladder & TLC matches. Other than The Hardyz E&C match it wasn't that great. **1/2

    Before I talk about the next match there was a segment with The Road Dogg & Chris Jericho which although was entertaining, felt like it should of either A. been much longer or B. not be on a PPV at all.
    (Y2J's PPV debut)

    Match 3: Hardcore Championship: Al Snow Vs. Big Boss Man (c) Road Dogg (Roving Reporter) I will not go into the infamous pepper the dog angle anymore than I have to here. This match started off with an Al Snow Cross-body off the set on the unaware Boss Man, Road Dogg left the Announce table & followed the match with a microphone in its entirety (unique stuff). The match went backstage, into the street, a bar, the bar's restroom... everywhere! weapons included a Yellow Pages, Pool balls & a dog's cage. My favorite spot in the match was an Al Snow Moonsault through a table off the bar (Boss Man rolled away). Al Snow picks up the victory after Road Dogg hits Boss Man with a night stick & Al hits him with pool balls for the 1... 2... 3 on the pool table for the win. Snow runs back to the arena & starts brawling with The Blue Meanie & Stevie Richards!?! I find these matches very fun to watch, nothing technical at all just a knock'em out brawl. ***1/4, Teddy Long refereed playa!
    Match 4: Women's Championship: Ivory(c) Vs. Tori
    Ivory was hot! She did a "Cesaro" swing & she won the match.
    This match was terrible. Shitfish/5

    After the match Luna Vachon chased Ivory. I <3 Luna!
    Match 5: Lion's Den Weapons match: Ken Shamrock Vs Steve Blackman
    Steve Blackman is the homeless man's Ken Shamrock. Shamrock has charisma...Blackman doesn't, Shamrock was a way better wrestler than Blackman in my book, & Shamrock had a personality... Blackman didn't. Other than seeing Shamrock go over I didn't enjoy this match very much at all, they didn't tell us the rules, so when the finish happened which was Blackman being KO'ed by the kendo stick I didn't neven know what why he won until I re-watched again. This was nearly as Boring as Blackman himself. *1/2.

    Match 6: The Love Her Or Leave Her Greenwich Street Fight: Test Vs Shane McMahon
    I love Shane McMahon wrestling, he has such a unique offense, from the use of the barricades or other weapons to variations of normal wrestling moves which he would use, he was so good! This match was great, from before the bell rang when The Mean Street Posse came out battered & bruised & sat on a couch in the front row, to them getting beaten by Patterson & Briscoe to one of the biggest pops of the night. From the referee being big booted to oblivion to the Shane O'Mac trademark elbow onto the Spanish announce table. So many cool moments & spots happened in this match, there was never a dull moment. To nitpick a tiny bit the Posse did get slightly overused at a point in the match, luckily this was stopped by Patterson & Briscoe before their involvement started to ruin anything though. Test wins with a Pumphandle slam followed by a elbow drop off the top rope. Shane & Test worked their asses off to pull of a really good match. ***3/4.
    Match 6: WWF Tag Team Championship: X-Pac (c) & Kane (c) Vs Undertaker & The Big Show
    I thought this match was pretty good for the situation, I think Undertaker was injured at the time so he wasn't at his top form, The Big Show looked in great shape, but he was still his usual self. Kane, firstly wore the reverse color original ring gear for the first time. (So sick!!) We all know Kane can have a great match, & X-Pac for that matter, I expected good match . X-Pac got bumped around a lot in this match, as the story was could he last in the land of the giants? They also teased friction between Taker & Show before the match but other then a little bit at the end didn't eventuate. The finish was X-Pac being chokeslammed by Big Show kicking out at two after a arrogant cover, Taker getting pissed, tagging himself in, tombstoning X-Pac for the 1... 2... 3. The finish was anticlimactic for me, as the match flowed really nicely, & thought was about to pick then bang two finishers & it's over. Taker being less than 100% was more than likely the reason for the finish coming early, which I can understand as you don't want him seriously hurting himself out ther As I said thhe match flowed nicely through the middle, but an abrupt finish just keeped it to an average match. ***1/4.

    Match 7: Kiss My Ass Match: Billy Gunn/w Fat Woman Vs The Rock
    Despite the stupid stipulation the match was decent, & could of been a little longer honestly. There is not a lot else to say about this match, The Rock won, Billy Gunn got his faced shoved into the fat woman's ass & everyone was happy. **3/4

    Match 8: WWF Championship Match: HHH Vs Mankind Vs Stone Cold w/ Special Referee Minnesota Governer Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    During the night not only were they building up Ventura's power & his rules, but there also were tiny segments with Ventura & either HHH, Mankind or Stone Cold where Ventura told the competitor that he would only count the fall in the ring & he would count at all if you used the aid of a foreign object. The match itself was a good match, nothing special, just a no thrills brawl with the three. Ventura flexed his power by ejecting Chyna from ringside after she got involved with the match, & ejecting Shane McMahon over the top rope for running in & arguing with him. The match was engaging, but in the back of my mind I was waiting for Ventura to pull something shifty... but he didn't. He sticked to his word, he caught HHH hitting STone Cold with a chair & like he promised refused to count the fall (This was the reason Shane O'Mac came to the ring). Now, the finish... the finish was classic top guy politics. Austin had refused to drop the title to HHH clean, so after Austin got hit with a pedigree Mankind came in threw HHH out of the ring, Double Arm DDT'ed Austin & won he title... Until dropping it to HHH the next night on Raw. The main event match itself was pretty decent, but the real story would of been what played out backstage. ***1/2

    Other Pros
    • The Crowd
    • Horny Jerry Lawler
    • Jesse Ventura's performance
    • Teddy Long
    • Hugo Savinovich & Carlos Cabrera
    Other Cons
    • The Set!
    • 60% of the finishes
    • The Y2j & Road Dogg segment (More time!!!)
    • WWF Censoring (Be grateful people as you have the network)
    Overall: Nothing really must see on this PPV. Sane O'Mac Vs Test was Match Of The Night for me, the the building blocks of E&C was great to see, Hardcore title match was very fun to watch, same with the main event, & The Tag title match could of been more but is a decent match nonetheless. 6.75/10.

    What's your opinion on the show?? I hoped you enjoyed reading!
  2. I disagree with your take on the Jarrett match. It was done well, and JJ knew how to use Debra to get tons of heat. The match was booked well, and it was a swerve that Henry turned on D-Lo, that was the whole point of the finish. They were bros, that was Henry's first heel turn. Besides that match and the Shane stealing the show part I really didn't enjoy this PPV that much.
  3. Haven't watched this one in ages.
  4. My negativity towards that match was more based around how often they'd do a swerve like this at the time, not the actual execution of it.
  5. Yikes I forgot about this PPV, Shane O'Mac saved it for em.
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