SummerSlam 2004 in 60 Seconds.

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  1. Also known as the night when Randy Orton found the World title in the middle of the ring.
  2. HHH should have lost!! :no:
  3. I just wonder who did Orton beat :pity2:
  4. They were about to get the picture but the Ghostbusters already caught the ghost.
  5. Like i said in the OP he found the world title that was missing since WM. :cole:
  6. Thank God I have this recorded on VHS....And it still works.
    Undertaker vs JBL....also Orton beating a Ghost for the WHC.

  7. Chris Benoit DUH!
  8. No, I think you mean Krispen Wah.
  9. No, no, he means Chris Benoit
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  10. I was at that event. JBL/Taker was a bag of shit match. It was ruined early cause a fan jumped the barricade, went onto JBLs limo and revealed the false roof. We were doing the wave during the whole match while most were chanting boring. Eugene got some huge pops though. I was a huge Orton mark at the time and half jizzed when he won.
  11. Fuck me for not reading the first post :facepalm1: FML this is why i rarely post anywhere xd

    Who is this ''Chris Benoit'' you talk about? I've never heard about him. Its like... he wouldnt exist..
  12. Oh yeah, I remember that. I wanted Eugene to win so bad
  13. Same, Only Flair had to ruin it....I was happy when Regal came out to attack Flair though.
  14. WORD LIFE!
  15. This was a so-so Summerslam. I didn't care for HHH/Eugene, even though the feud had good build. I also hated Eugene, not because WWE portraying a semi-retarded character was offensive or anything, I just couldn't stand him. Undertaker/JBL was meh and the crowd was clearly disinterested in it as well (think that was the first time we saw the Canadian crowd do the wave since like Wrestlemania 6 or something.) Orton/Benoit was a good match but it had little to no build that I remember and I didn't care for Orton winning the belt or his boring face run afterwards. I guess as a match on the card though, I shouldn't judge what came afterwards, it was good. Angle/Guerrero was great, though. I don't even recall the rest of the card.
  16. And you just wasted about 5 seconds just to post that....Well Done, Do you feel like you've Achieved something?

  18. .....Oh God.....The Sheer Stupidity....
    I Know he Beat Benoit.....Why would I Post that if i didn't know....
  19. No, actually it's known by anyone who's a true wrestling fan that Orton found the title at Summerslam... Also who the hell is this Krispen Wah?
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  20. Jesus Christ Frank. If you dont realize by now you're being trolled, YOURE A DUMBASS! :pipebomb:
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