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    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, August 23rd, at 7/6c on the WWE Network/PPV
    United Kingdom: Monday Morning, August 24th, at 12AM on the WWE Network/PPV

    Barclays Center
    Brooklyn, New York

    Match Card:
    Single's Match:

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev
    At The Biggest Party of the Summer, Dolph Ziggler gets his groove, and his girl, back. All he’s got to do is beat one of the biggest, baddest, most fearsome Superstars WWE has seen in years. NBD.

    If there was ever a word to describe Dolph Ziggler’s rivalry with Rusev, it would be “personal.” It was personal when Lana gave The Bulgarian Brute the heave-ho as her client and partner, instead finding comfort in the crook of The Showoff’s biceps. It was personal when Ziggler took advantage of Rusev’s ankle injury to humiliate him without fear of retaliation, and it was personal when a healed-up Rusev got the jump on Ziggler and claimed his revenge with a crutch to the windpipe that put Zig Man on the shelf for a month.

    WWE Network: Rusev arrives at Royal Rumble 2014 | Ziggler's Ladder Match classic

    While time off has restored The Showoff’s voice to normal, it certainly has done nothing to dull The Bulgarian Brute’s animosity toward his rival: Rusev largely spent Ziggler’s convalescence running down the former World Heavyweight Champion and demeaning Lana in his absence. But Rusev’s also become vulnerable since then; the formerly undefeated monster has suffered losses to Cesaro and Roman Reigns in the month of Ziggler’s absence, suggesting he’s spent too much time focusing on mocking an opponent that isn’t there instead of keeping his head in the game.

    It took The Bulgarian Brute’s most heinous act yet — commanding his new ambassador Summer Rae to place Lana in the Accolade — to spur The Showoff back into action, and now, with the bad blood boiling over the brim, the bout between the two is finally set for SummerSlam. Will The Showoff swivel and superkick his way to victory over the Bulgarian monster? Or will Rusev leave his foe crushed in King’s County?

    Tag Team Match:
    Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett
    The multiverse has shattered and the biggest crossover in WWE history will take place at SummerSlam when nefarious evildoers "The Prince of Dark Matter" Stardust and "The Bare-Knuckle Brawler" King Barrett join forces to battle "The Man That Gravity Forgot" Neville and DC Comics' Green Arrow – Stephen Amell.

    In May, lifelong WWE fan Stephen Amell — the star of the hit show "Arrow" and Casey Jones in next summer’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” — was sitting at ringside for the final Raw at Nassau Coliseum. Although Amell was only in attendance as a fan, that didn't stop Stardust from getting in the "Arrow" star’s face, resulting in a tense stare down. Neville defeated Stardust in the match that followed, but The Prince of Dark Matter focused his attention on Amell — convinced that the actor wasn't just portraying Green Arrow — but that he actually is DC Comics' Emerald Archer.

    As a social media war of words erupted between Amell and Stardust, the Superstar from the Fifth Dimension continued his rivalry with Neville. Believing The Man That Gravity Forgot could be the hero to his villain, Stardust taunted the high-flying Superstar while also continuing to verbally jab at his Hollywood nemesis. As the exchanges and taunts intensified and Stardust sustained his insistence that Amell was actually Green Arrow, the star of “Arrow” announced he was coming to Raw as a special guest star — no doubt aiming to confront his foe.

    Relive the social media war between Stardust and Stephen Amell | Witness Amell and Stardust's first encounter

    On Raw, Amell was sitting at ringside — preferring to sit with the WWE Universe during his visit as Raw's special guest star — he told Renee Young he believed that Stardust was a bit mixed up and hoped they could settle their differences. After Neville defeated King Barrett, Stardust appeared, taking out The Man That Gravity Forgot before sliding out of the ring to push his social media rival.Amell didn’t take the attack lightly and hopped the barricade, jumped in the ring and retaliated against Stardust. Security immediately pulled Amell away as Barrett and Stardust retreated.

    After the match, Triple H chastized Amell for his actions. Much like his TV alter-ego, however, Amell refused to back down and he and Neville issued a challenge for SummerSlam. At first, The Game dismissed the actor's plea, but Amell was persistent and insisted on accepting all the risks that come with setting foot inside a WWE ring. After mulling his decision for a moment, Triple H made it official.

    Amell, of course, is no slouch when it comes to physicality. The Toronto native does many of his own stunts, trains in parkour and is an expert at the dauntingly difficult salmon ladder exercise. Stepping inside the squared circle against two former Intercontinental Champions is daring, but the “Arrow” star has the athletic ability and endurance to hold his own in a fight, especially with Neville in his corner. Then again, if he really is The Green Arrow as Stardust insists, then maybe all he needs is a handy boxing glove arrow.

    Will Neville and Stephen Amell dispose of their dastardly foes and be the heroes the WWE Universe deserves? Or will Stardust and King Barrett expose Amell’s true identity and make him wish he had never set foot inside the squared circle?

    Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Prime Time Players(c) vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day
    Presiding over a division marked by great parity, WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players get set to battle The New Day, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in a Fatal 4-Way Match at SummerSlam.

    Watch SummerSlam only on the award-winning WWE Network

    Diego & Fernando first upended Titus O’Neil & Darren Young in a non-title match on the July 20 edition of Raw, thanks partly to a distraction by Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods. Since then, The Lucha Dragons have been able to notch a win over Los Matadores, as have The New Day, underscoring the competitiveness in the tag ranks.

    Which duo will assert itself as WWE’s premier team at The Biggest Party of the Summer?

    Can O’Neil & Young’s well-meshed combination of strength and precision help them extend their golden reign? Will the presence of a third man at ringside for The New Day ensure their victory and, in turn, a second run with the WWE Tag Team Championship? Or will the mesmerizing speed, polished teamwork or awe-inspiring agility of either The Lucha Dragons or Los Matadores net one of those teams its first tag title?

    Don’t blink when these four teams lock up in what is sure to be a fast-paced and exciting championship match at SummerSlam.

    Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Ryback(c) vs. Big Show vs. The Miz
    Returning from a ghastly staph infection on his right knee, Intercontinental Champion Ryback will be put to the test at SummerSlam when he defends the title against Big Show and The Miz in a Triple Threat Match.

    The match was originally scheduled to happen last month at WWE Battleground, but was canceled when Ryback’s injury forced him onto the disabled list. With The Big Guy on the mend, both The World’s Largest Athlete and The Hollywood A-Lister have taken the opportunity to accuse the champion of dodging the title defense. Their separate vows to win the Intercontinental Title have also brought them into conflict, such as when Big Show dropped The Miz with a KO Punch at WWE Battleground.

    Now that the match is back on the books, what can the WWE Universe expect from the always-unpredictable triple threat format, which stipulates a winning fall can occur without the champion being involved?

    Big Show has pledged to knock out the juggernaut titleholder, while The Miz, on an upswing following his lead role in “Marine 4: Moving Target” and success on WWE Tough Enough, is eager to regain the championship he’s held four times before.

    Despite struggling with injuries throughout his career, The Big Guy always seems to bounce back stronger — and with a more positive outlook — than before. But by stepping in the ring with WWE’s most feared giant and the boisterous yet sneaky Miz so soon after injury, is Ryback jeopardizing more than just his title at SummerSlam?

    Who will emerge from the three-Superstar fray with WWE’s prestigious Intercontinental Title?

    Three Team Elimination Match:
    Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB
    At SummerSlam the Divas Revolution will reach new heights when all three factions spearheading the cause — Team Bella, PCB and Team B.A.D. — collide in a Three Team Elimination Match.

    The game transformed forever on the July 13 edition of Raw when Stephanie McMahon famously got in the face of Team Bella and emphatically declared that it was time for change in the Divas division. That catalyst for change came in the way of NXT cornerstones Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks simultaneously debuting on WWE’s flagship show.

    The three trailblazers wasted no time making an impact, with Charlotte & Becky aligning with Paige, and Sasha joining forces with Naomi & Tamina to form the new factions of PCB and Team B.A.D. As the WWE Universe went berserk in approval, the newly formed units swiftly took out the boastful Team Bella. The climate change was tangible; a revolution had truly begun.

    Since then, the three factions have clashed in various matches on both Raw and SmackDown, often multiple times a night. All three sides have obtained victories, but none has been able to establish itself as the sole dominant entity in this new Divas dynasty.

    Now, with the eyes of the WWE Universe firmly on them, these three stables will compete at SummerSlam to see who can lay claim to the distinction of deities of the Divas Revolution. The action will be non-stop and unpredictable when only one team member needs to be pinned or made to submit to eliminate their entire team from the match. Can Team Bella prove themselves as the torchbearers of the division by prevailing under the bright Brooklyn lights? Or can either PCB or Team B.A.D. leave the Bella Empire in ruins by picking up a monumental victory?

    Single's Match:
    Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
    Bitter adversaries look to settle their heated rivalry this Sunday, live on the award-winning WWE Network, when Randy Orton battles Sheamus in a huge SummerSlam showdown.

    The two relentless Superstars are no strangers to each other, or to personal rivalries and hard-hitting fights, all of which will be on display when The Viper looks to take down The Celtic Warrior at The Biggest Party of the Summer. Tom Phillips broke news of the match announcement on the Raw Facebook page.

    Their intense rivalry reached its boiling point on the Aug. 10 edition of Raw when Sheamus interfered in Orton’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against Seth Rollins, costing him a potential victory. However, the third-generation Superstar made sure to return the favor by RKOing his Irish adversary just as he seemed ready to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    WWE Network: Start your free month

    This conflict first started in the weeks leading up to Money in the Bank, when both competitors established their intentions to become the next “Mr. Money in the Bank.” As we saw, it was the fiery Irishman who made it out of the live WWE Network event with the coveted contract, but that hasn’t slowed down The Apex Predator’s quest to become a 13-time World Champion.

    As for the man with WWE’s most prized briefcase, Sheamus is not one to back down from a fight, even if that means engaging in an unforgiving war with one of WWE’s most vicious Superstars. Since returning to WWE with a new look and attitude, the Dublin native has targeted WWE’s underdogs. Obviously, the master of the RKO is no underdog, but Sheamus has shown no prejudice when it comes to stomping out a Superstar’s hopes and dreams.

    Who will emerge victorious in this explosive encounter between former WWE World Heavyweight Champions?

    Single's Match:
    Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro
    With their rivalry steadily intensifying since they first crossed paths earlier this summer, Cesaro and Kevin Owens will finally meet one-on-one at SummerSlam on Aug. 23. There, the momentum for one of WWE’s fastest-rising Superstars may come to a screeching halt, while the other’s stock will continue to rise.

    The trouble between the two began in June, when Owens cut short Cesaro’s title opportunity against United States Champion John Cena on Raw. The Swiss Superman and the outspoken prizefighter have been thorns in each other’s side ever since: Owens claims he has accomplished more in nine months than Cesaro has done in three years, while The King of Swing says his rival should consider changing his motto from “Fight, Owens, Fight” to “Walk, Owens, Walk.”

    Though both Superstars are quick to point out the other’s shortcomings, Cesaro and Owens remain among the most dynamic and hardest-hitting competitors on the WWE roster, jockeying for position at critical points in their careers. With tag partner Tyson Kidd injured, Cesaro is enjoying a renaissance as a singles competitor, much to the delight of the ever-expanding Cesaro Section. In contrast, Owens — who shocked the WWE Universe by defeating Cena in his WWE debut — is looking to regain footing after narrowly coming out on the losing end of a three-match series against the U.S. Champion.

    The Swiss Superman boasts unbelievable physical strength and the seeming ability to execute any maneuver to perfection. Behind Owens’ considerable trash talk, however, is a perversely dangerous mind, supported by nearly 270 pounds of ill will. Who will notch the all-important win at The Biggest Party of the Summer?

    Tag Team Match:
    Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns
    Brothers will band together against a twisted family at WWE SummerSlam, as Roman Reigns will team with Dean Ambrose to take on the recently reunited Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper.

    Since costing Reigns the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match in June, The New Face of Fear has targeted Reigns by taunting him with photos of his daughter and repeating the mantra, “Anyone but you.” Wyatt and Reigns squared off at WWE Battleground, and as The Big Dog looked to have his adversary beat, a hooded Harper emerged to aid his former leader.

    The next night, Wyatt made it clear that he and Harper were still family, and Reigns seemed to be fighting an uphill battle. That all changed when The Lunatic Fringe emerged to support his friend, resulting in a chaotic brawl following Reigns’ match against Harper. When Wyatt and Harper emerged on the following SmackDown to cost Ambrose his match with Sheamus, it became evident that they had not taken Ambrose’s meddling lightly.

    The Eater of Worlds elaborated on his reunion with Harper by recounting how he found his comrade as a “damaged man,” and “fixed him” so he could one day set him free. Harper, in turn, credits Wyatt for saving him from what he perceives to be the world’s cruelty. Wyatt warned Ambrose to stay away from his issue with Reigns, but the former Shield brothers have proven that their bond, too, is unbreakable.

    Refusing to back down, Reigns laid down the challenge for a “family war” on the August 6 edition of SmackDown. In doing so, he promised that Wyatt, who accepted the challenge later that night, would be “picking the teeth out of his beard” when The Big Dog and The Lunatic Fringe got done with him and Harper.

    Which team will prove to be the stronger surrogate family?

    Winner Take All Match:
    John Cena(U.S Champion) vs. Seth Rollins(WWEWHC Champion)
    The stakes have never been as great as they will be at SummerSlam when WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins faces United States Champion John Cena. The winner takes all, and for the first time in WWE history, one Superstar will control both titles.

    Get WWE Network now | Watch every SummerSlam ever, only on WWE Network

    Amid speculation that the Cenation leader would not be cleared to compete at The Biggest Party of the Summer, Cena accepted (with Daniel Bryan's support) Rollins’ challenge during an appearance on the Aug. 11 edition of WWE Tough Enough.

    The U.S. Champion severely broke his nose while competing against Rollins in a July 27 U.S. Open Challenge on Raw. With his title on the line but not Rollins’, the double-tough Cenation leader trumped the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in that match, even after The Architect drove his knee into Cena’s face, breaking his nose and leaving it angled sharply sideways. The injury forced Cena to undergo emergency surgery days later and miss the subsequent weeks’ Raws.

    Watch John Cena respond to Seth Rollins' challenge on WWE Tough Enough

    Retribution for a crooked nose and time on the shelf won’t be Cena’s only motivation come Sunday, Aug. 23; Rollins has also continually disparaged the Cenation leader since their match on Raw.

    Moreover, a win at SummerSlam would mean Cena’s 16th World Title, tying him with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair for the most World Championship reigns. A loss, however, would signify the end of Cena’s U.S. Championship run. Since dethroning Rusev for the stars-and-stripes title at WrestleMania 31, Cena has welcomed all challengers, and, in doing so, has elevated the already prestigious championship, bringing it almost on par with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

    Not just eager to even the score against Cena, Rollins has stated it is his goal to add hardware — the U.S. Title — to his collection. The Architect is also likely determined to prove he is not a lame-duck champion, as some of his critics suggest. Rollins has repeatedly benefited from outside interference during his title reign, allowing him to retain the championship against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. A win over WWE’s top thoroughbred in the venerable Cena would go a long way toward silencing the doubters.

    Which Superstar will leave SummerSlam and Brooklyn as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion? Will Cena — arguably WWE’s most reliable big-match performer — make history with another World Title win? Or will Rollins finish what he started on Raw and finally prove himself superior to WWE’s tireless workhorse?

    'The Match Too Big For WrestleMania':
    Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
    The Undertaker will attempt to avenge the most historic defeat in WWE history when he rises from the ashes to challenge Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

    Lesnar notoriously conquered The Phenom’s legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak, defeating him at WrestleMania 30 after three vicious F-5s to become the “one” in 21-1. The Streak was shattered, the WWE Universe was left dumbfounded and The Deadman was rushed to the emergency room, not to be seen again for the better part of a year.

    Lesnar used the historic victory to springboard into a year of dominance, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, eviscerating all challengers and cutting the ribbon on Suplex City, all while his advocate, Paul Heyman, reminded anyone in earshot that Lesnar was the lone individual to conquer the unbreakable Streak. However, Lesnar and Heyman learned at WWE Battleground that while The Streak was able to be broken, ample life still resides within The Deadman.

    After a year-plus of The Anomaly and the advocate reminding the WWE Universe about that fateful night in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome — and nearly a week after Lesnar smashed steel steps over the ankle of The Last Outlaw’s brother, Kane, on WWE’s flagship show —The Undertaker returned at WWE Battleground to confront The Beast.

    The Mayor of Suplex City, shocked by the sound of the chilling gong and the sudden appearance of WWE’s most illustrious slayer, was as stunned silent as the 75,167 faithful in New Orleans the night The Streak was seized. The rage in The Undertaker’s eyes was absolute — he waited 15 months for this moment and made the most of it, Chokeslamming Lesnar and delivering two thunderous Tombstones, costing Lesnar the World Heavyweight Championship in the process. The statement was loud and clear: The end of The Streak only sparked the beginning of an otherworldly war.

    The next night on Raw, The Deadman promised to make Lesnar rest in peace and physically threatened Heyman, backing the advocate into a corner. This prompted The Anomaly’s arrival, ensuing in a massive brawl between the two that carried out through the entire arena. The two savages could not be broken up and were only finally separated after police intervened.

    What will happen when these two icons meet again at the 28th anniversary of SummerSlam? Will The Phenom avenge The Streak by being the first man to pin or make Lesnar submit in over two years? Or will The Beast conquer yet again and prove his unwavering dominance cannot be stopped, whether by the living, the dead or even the resurrected?

    To find out, watch SummerSlam, live on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT!​
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