Summerslam 2015 Will Be Held In The Same Arena/City As TLC 2012 Was

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 13, 2015.

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  1. I learned a little bit earlier today that this year's Summerslam will be held in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center, which happens to be the same locale that the TLC 2012 PPV was held.

    For those who need a history lesson, TLC 2012 was the event that The Shield had their very first match together in what turned out to be a very epic encounter with Ryback and Team Hell No.

    So, do you think holding the event there is just a coincidence or are they intentionally setting it there because they plan on having something that involves all three former Shield members (or at least two out of three, let's say) as a callback to the place where they had their first match together? The rumor and assumption is that Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns will compete in a triple-threat match for the title at Summerslam, and that match is obviously gonna end with either Rollins or Reigns pinning their former Shield compadre since it's obvious the next time Brock ends up being pinned will be one-on-one, so there's that. Another possibility is that Brock and Seth will face one-on-one and after Seth somehow sneaks away with the championship still intact (disqualification, count-out, whatever), Ambrose maybe runs down and cashes in the MITB briefcase on Seth. (If Reigns won the title in the proposed triple-threat, imagine Dean coming down and cashing in on him... whether that ended up being a heel turn or not, you'd be switching the WWE Championship from Rollins to Reigns to Ambrose all in one night. Very fitting.)

    Of course, a three-way that puts all three former Shield members against one another would be the most fitting match to happen, but with Brock coming back to work Summerslam and with him targeting Seth Rollins, we can pretty much scratch that one.

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  2. It's a convenient coincidence, for sure. But, The Shield reunion wouldn't make a whole lotta sense right now.

    I think the only thing that'd even come close to being reminiscent of The Shield is a Triple Powerbomb.
    We might just see it this Sunday.

    e.g. Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose gather around and then Triple Powerbomb Orton in the ring or through a table.

    Although, Orton, Reigns and Ambrose gathering around and then performing the Triple Powerbomb on Rollins seems more likely, in my opinion and plus it sends the ultimate FUCK YOU to Rollins for screwing with 'em for so long.

    Other than that, Ambrose will most likely be the one to eat the pin.
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  3. First of all, I believe its coincidence in that WWE wanted to do business there and Jay-Z (and whomever the owners are) were compliant.
    It's a new arena and I'm sure that was the overriding factor as opposed to anything creative would have in mind.
    However, being that the venue is set they could book the Shield members in some sort of fashion.
    I doubt much of this. Steve Austin won his first title in Boston, yet nobody really gives a f*ck.
    On the other hand, the Rock debuted at MSG, wrestled his last match at MSG and then returned after a seven year late out at MSG.

    I'm not one that believes the Shield will forever be linked. HHH, I believe, sees a discrepancy. I don't believe he's high on Ambrose at all. If this venue 'belongs' to anybody, it might be Roman Reigns.
    They may attach the venue to Reigns in that he sort of 'turns up the volume' at each appearance. This is all speculative. New York is a prime scene and I still don't buy Rollins over Reigns in terms of superstar potential.

    The other option would be Rollins delivering five star matches in that venue. He's heel, so I'm doubtful how high he'd be willing to turn it up. Of the three, HHH doesn't seem particularly enthused by Dean Ambrose.
  4. I'm not indicating that every time they go to an arena (be it this one or any other) that they should always feel the need to add another important chapter to the history of the building, just that referring to other pivotal events that have took place there in the past is a pretty cool thing to do sometimes. (And I don't mean that it has to be an integral part of a storyline or anything, but it would make for a cool historical footnote of some kind.)
  5. Not even WWE noticed this I bet, haha. Just a coincidence, but we'll get some Shield spots I'm sure (not due to the arena though).
  6. It's gonna be Lesnar vs Rollins one on one, not a triple threat. They're gonna have to find something else for Reigns
  7. A feud with Kane or Big Show. lel
  8. Hope they'll tease it a bit. But it wouldn't be the...right time, IMO. Would be a bit forced.
  9. I expect Kane and Big Show to go at it with each other at Summerslam. Surely they won't drag his face turn out past then. He'll probably fight Seth at Battleground and then Big Show at Summerslam.

    If Reigns doesn't end up in the main event with Seth and Brock, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose (if they actually decide to turn him heel as many are speculating they might... what we're seeing right now might be them planting the seeds for it, but I doubt it) are the only two viable programs for him to be put in. Everyone else is beneath him at the moment. (Bray will probably fight Orton.)
  10. There is "overthinking" a wrestling show... then there is "lockardthinking" it.
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