Summerslam summerslam betting odds

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. may contain spoilers due to the bookies been spot on recently don't read if you dont want to ruin summerslam for yourself

    Daniel bryan 2/7 v 9/4 john cena
    Brock lesnar 2/5 v 11/4 cm punk
    Alberto del rio 2/7 v 7/2 christian
    Dean ambrose 1/7 v 4/1 RVD
    Damien sandow 2/5 v 7/4 cody rhodes
    Ziggler and kaitlyn 2/5 v 7/4 big e and aj
    Bray wyatt 1/10 v 11/2 kane

    Id be happy if this is how it pans out
  2. Has there been any rapid movement one way with any of the odds? Those are the real spoilers...

    The Sandow one is interesting.
  3. not much big and aj were favs 2 days ago now ziggler is apart from that the rest have slowly got shorter
  4. Surprised Sandow is the favorite. Generally MITB guys get jobbed out, especially MR WHC MITB
  5. A 4-1 shot on RVD is pretty generous tbh, with heel champs there's always the chance of a DQ loss for them.
  6. Great. Iirc the same happened with Sandow and Orton winning MITB. That guy probably leaked that then. Maybe he can leak this feud ending next.
  7. A little update for you Cody rhodes odds are starting to shorten now sandows still fav atm tho

  8. I hope these books that are dumb enough to take bets on pro wrestling are dumb enough to leave these bets on the board after the WWE mole leaks the results

  9. Why didn't I put money on? Utterly infuriating.
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