Summerslam Summerslam Cash-Ins?

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  1. I was on Skype with a bunch of people and we were talking about Summerslam so I decided to make this thread.

    I thought about it for a while. And this is only if WWE wants to pull a fucking twist. Instead of everyone thinking Rhodes is gonna get the MITB. I feel that WWE could have Sandow win the match (Look at the way they are booking him. Instant win) and when Christian wins. That will be Sandow's moment to shine. I can sense a Triple Threat at Night Of Champions with Christian vs. Sandow vs. Rhodes for the World Title which would be a great match in my opinion.

    For the WWE Title Cash-In. I think that Orton won't do it yet. I feel Daniel Bryan is gonna win it and Orton will come out but Bryan will be ready for him. Which will make Orton wait. Daniel Bryan vs. Cena continues til the Next PPV where Orton will cash-in.

    This might be some shitty opinions. But they are my opinions <3 pls love meh.
  2. That'd be sexy for the WHC idea. Agreed with the WWE cash in.
  3. Christian winning the belt would be shit IMO. They didn't even care to give Christian an actual lengthy reign the first time around in 2011, I can't see them doing it this time either when there are better options to have Del Rio drop the belt to (namely Dolph Ziggler since he's very over and I figured the point of him dropping it in the concussion angle was to build to him getting revenge on Del Rio by re-capturing the title.) Plus, I don't think we'll get Del Rio/Christian at the PPV anyway. RVD wanted a title shot on Smackdown and he couldn't have been too pleased about Del Rio tricking him into a quick defeat either. I'm sure he's gonna want to continue to pursue Del Rio and I could see a triple threat, or maybe a fourth guy getting involved and making it a four way match, and the idea of Del Rio slipping out of a multi-man match with the WHC still around his waist fits his sneaky heel persona well.

    As for Randy Orton cashing in, it seems too obvious for Summerslam but sometimes the obvious route is the way to go because it makes sense story wise and character wise in this case. IF he does cash in at Summerslam, I don't see his music hitting and him walking down to the ring, as usual. Instead, I could see him hitting Bryan with a surprise RKO before anyone even knows what's happened. Bryan wins the title, and then before you know it, Orton has come from the crowd or maybe even from beneath the ring and dropped Bryan just like that. It's a different way of going about it than the usual and it makes sense given Orton's Viper character, which is someone who can strike at any time and any moment, which is exactly what Orton promised he would do when it came time to cash in.