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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Extraterrestrial, Aug 19, 2013.

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    So a lot (I want say most) of the crowd was marking for Orton, lol. Before AND after the cash in.
    You can watch it here -
    inb4 D'z brags

    Can they really get the crowds/fans to hate Orton? The dude seems to be over no matter what. How do you think they can they pull it off?

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  2. For starters... he should have grown his hair out right about the time ADR concussed him... maybe before then


    Shave the beard and maybe add some clear lens glasses.... turns work best with a makeover
  3. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. That's my BB for you! :emoji_wink:

    ANYWAYSSS. This proves that he has a big fan base (95% of them are women who wants to suck him off)! Hope Creative finds a way to make this guy heel.
  4. He should have been swallowed
  5. I said myself there was a big chance fans might not boo him. But to be honest, fans often pop huge for big moments like this (dramatic pin fall count and whatnot) regardless if the fan favorite is being pinned or not. So it could just be that. They may accept him as a heel tonight on Raw when they put the spotlight on him as a new heel champion, though.. Maybe he'll even get away from The Viper thing and have a new appearance wearing a suit or something to make himself out to have a full transformation as the new Corporate champion or something but I seriously doubt it.
  6. Fucking fangirls.
  7. Have him beat up a woman.

    But seriously. He got cheered during the height of his previous heel run. They will just have to work with it.

  8. That would probably make me an instant Orton fanboy tbh.

    Orton looks good with that belt, not going to lie.
  9. Have him maliciously injure D-Bry "on purpose". Like the broken ankle with a folding chair trick. I would think that would make some fans mad. And then D-bry could come back for a feud after "healing". Don't know about making the women mad though.
  10. Just suck him off? Somehow I doubt that.
  11. Hope Cena takes time off for his elbow after this, he needs a break and have new guys go after Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan might win the title back soon after that.
  12. Heels normally get cheered, so I really don't think this is that much of a problem.
  13. According to reports the crowd went dead after the pin itself. Which tells you something. They were probably sad, sad crowds don't tend to chant things, they either get silent or cry until they can gather themselves (See Edge retirement reveal).
  14. Have him RKO and punt Daniel Bryan and CM Punk then proceed for him to give a long drawn out monotonous promo explaining his actions.
  15. Maybe he should have punt kicked Bryan on top of it. Oh well. There's always tonight. I'm personally interested in why HHH did what he did.
  16. "My name........Is Randy Orton"

    And that's just the first 10 minutes.
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