News SummerSlam Main Event Speculation

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  1. Coming out of Monday’s RAW, there is speculation that the main event for next month’s SummerSlam will see Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman in a Fatal 4-Way match.

    Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility of the match being a 3-way for the championship on Monday’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, however those those plans may change. The belief is that Braun will make an appearance on next week’s RAW during the #1 contendership for the Universal Title match between Joe and Roman. This will play into storyline and setup the 4-Way at SummerSlam.

    One of the reasons WWE would want setup a multi-persons match is because it would allow them to have an “out” for either Lesnar or Roman. Basically, Lesnar wouldn’t have to pin Roman and Roman wouldn’t have to pin Lesnar with other competitors in the match.

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