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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. We all knew Lesnar/Cena was going to happen as soon as Cena won at MITB, but this just confirms it. Thoughts?
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  2. I'd say that confirms it. Let's see if it surpasses last years buy rate. WWE is foaming at the mouth to not push Bryan again.
    The match should deliver with no interference. I like it.
    Lesnar isn't a ballet dancer. The dude is physical and he has no reason to take it easy because he isn't wrestling the next night.
  3. It should be a good match.. Cena always steps up his game in the biggest of matches.

    But the only conclusion I can see is Lesnar walking out of Summerslam as champ... so if Cena keeps the belt Sunday you know what the safe bet is... I notice it didn't say it was for the title though. It could be that Lesnar costs Cena the title and that's why they are feuding meaning one of the other 3 win it.

    Just a thought.
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  4. This is the battleground section you dick head
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  5. And it'll be the SummerSlam section in a few days you cock socket.
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  6. oh yea? well seth rollins is a pussy!
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  7. Well, I'm sure the action is going to be very good but nor do I see a good finish to this match (unless Brock is cashed in on/drops the belt next month) nor do I give a damn about what Cena does these days.
  8. This is gonna be awesome!
  9. Cue the stipulation
  10. I just hope if they are gonna put the title on lesnar that they do it properly.
    Brock has to win CLEAN.
    Any other outcome will ultimately bury the Undertaker's streak.
  11. It'll probably end up a No Holds Barred match, if they bother giving it a stipulation at all. Any other stip (Steel Cage, Last Man Standing, Falls Count Anywhere, etc.) would feel too gimmicky for a match of this caliber.
  12. Agreed. I was 98% joking. The other 2% holds weight because Lesnar likes to 'play' a couple of times per year. Beasts enjoy their run of the jungle, so to speak.
    I don't believe winning dirty would bury the streak. It would just get him heat. Now, having a stop would be Lesnar's way of legally getting retribution on John Cena. That said, Lesnar should win clean. Cena should get his rematch, which is where the Authority will do their funny business. @Baraa
  13. I actually think Lesnar should win every match he has from now on cleanly until it comes time for him to job again. I feel that's the way it should have been since he returned to WWE two years ago (and for the most part, that's the way it has been.) The way I see it, Heyman shenanigans should only come into play if it's just him taking a quick cheap shot whenever the opportunity presents itself, not because he's interfering at a crucial moment when it looks like Lesnar might be on the verge of defeat. His interference against The Rock at Summerslam 2002 is a fine example of this. He did get one or two cheap shots in on The Rock, but neither happened right when Rock was about to taste victory. To that end, it still felt like Brock picked up a clean win that night.
  14. The title is not mentioned......
  15. Kinda odd how "Conqueror Of The Streak" or something along those lines isn't mentioned with the rest of Brock's accolades either. I know they showed clips of him F-5ing the Undertaker while calling him "The Most Dominant Athlete Ever", but still, you'd think they throw a heading of it up on the screen anyway.

    I'd prefer if this match wasn't for the championship personally, but it almost certainly will be.
  16. Lesnar is a juggernaut. WWE has a golden opportunity to create an unbeatable monster. Lesnar will not fail. He's sound in the ring and he's got the ideal manager for him. Lesnar and Heyman may be the most appropriate manager/client duo I've ever seen. Lesnar needs what Heyman has and Heyman needs what Heyman has. Without the other, each will be underutilized.

    The best way to put over Reigns is through Lesnar. If Brock agrees to work more dates, this would create an ideal scenario and an opportunity to present Brock as the greatest big man in the sport's history.
  17. This is brilliant. Cena looks epic there as the 15-time world champ while Lesnar looks like an absolute beast, with the MMA stuff backing up his claims. Too bad there is no Streak mention though. ME for SS is pretty much confirmed now, but how do WWE let that get out?
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  18. Hope there is no stipulation. They already had an extreme rules match a couple of years ago. Maybe have a gimmick match in the rematch at NoC, the next month.
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  19. A stip would be over doing it. Lesnar isn't so limited he can't work without a stip.
    Ultimately, the match should be great with Lesnar coming out on top.
    Though the Authority will come out, in the end, to see Lesnar defeat Cena, they won't get involved.
    Being that Lesnar is 'Plan C', they'll do what it takes to keep the title on him for as long as possible.
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