Summerslam Summerslam plans for The Wyatt's

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  1. Oh God. Without Taker, this match could be pretty underwhelming.
  2. Wyatt Family vs Kane and two random babyfaces in a match that will probably involve Sheamus? yay
  3. Kane verses Wyatts handicap match? Would be great!
  4. I'd rather see Bray vs Kane in a singles match with Luke and Erik at ringside. Shoving two random faces in there would flat out suck imo.
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  5. ^ No doubt interruption would happen and Kane would lose.
  6. Better than Kane vs 3 of the Wyatts.

    I'd rather see Kane vs Bray Wyatt with R-Truth and the Tons of Funk in Kane's corner and Luke and Erick in Bray's corner. Kane and Wyatt battle while Kane's corner tries to make sure there are no interruptions. However, Luke and Erick go beast mode and destroy Kane's corner, while Bray beats the heck out of Kane.
  7. Oh god, it will be Kane + Celtic Vipers v The Wyatts. I'd like to see Kane v Bray in a singles match.
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  8. Taker hurt himself going through a table meant to break. Lord have mercy.
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  9. So sick of Kane being put with random people. Stop making him a bitch and get him back to being an intimidating solo bastard instead of someone who has to hang with other people all the time.

    Not sure why they wouldn't want to do something with the Wyatt's vs the Shield. I'd be down for that. Too late now, I guess....
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  10. Kane/Wyatt is the way to go for Summerslam. Save Wyatt's first match for the event and instead of Bray rocking back and forth with his rocking chair while Harper and Rowan wrestle or beat down someone, it will be now be them at ringside watching their 'leader" wrestle a match for once.

    Wyatt should go over, of course.
  11. So... Kane and R-Truth, and who else besides 3MB have the Wyatts murdered?
  12. Tons of Funk.
  13. Kane, R-Truth, & someone who needs to return...Big Show?
  14. Now they make him team up with Sheamus and Orton... Don't really think it'll happen, but would be a stupid idea imo.
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