News SummerSlam Plans & Lesnar WM31 Opponent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ed!, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Cesaro vs Bork is what I would prefer, The Rock vs Cena wasn't great for the hype it had and the rematch was awful. HHH vs Reigns, fuck off Hunter.
  2. Still think Bork (c) vs Reigns (RR) is most likely for WM31. Yeah Hunter vs Reigns looks set for SS, which should be good.
  3. Rock/Lesnar would be a big match (except for the fact that Rock would almost certainly win, which pisses me off, knowing that the heat for beating the man who killed the streak goes entirely to another part-timer) but I have zero interest in it. Lesnar/Cesaro at next year's Mania and Reigns/HHH at this year's Summerslam (a given) both sound awesome, though.
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  7. I found it randomly and decided to make it a signature and force people to fap on the forum
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  9. Break some bread, have some wine and have a fun time with Kaitlyn and AJ making love
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  10. Brock vs Rock part 2 yessss make it happen WWE. I want my man Brock to win again
  11. Disagree entirely, Brock can go against Cesaro for a better match, Cesaro is a high fan favorite and Lesnar is the top heel in WWE after defeating the streak.
  12. Screw Rock, hopefully never returns, and if he does so, hope it is to put someone over at least. Lesnar/Cesaro sounds like an awesome stiff battle, would mark so hard. HHH/Reigns, great too, HHH would be creating yet another main eventer, just like he solidified one at WM.
  13. HHH vs. Reigns at Summerslam? I'm down for watching these two fine bodies go at it.

    Right now I don't actually care much for who Lesnar's opponent is at Wrestlemania 31 because I barely got excited for WM30 until the week before.
  14. Same bro on the Mania. Not a fan of HHH vs Reigns, let Wyatt take the top heel role, enough with the old talent
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  15. To be perfectly honest I'm just another one of those Roman Reigns marks. I think I would like to see HHH vs. Reigns only if the outcome is that Reigns picks up the victory, the victory would assist his push significantly.

    I'm also a huge Bray Wyatt fan but a victory over HHH looks stronger on paper than a victory over Wyatt, at least at this current time.
  16. No judge, more of a Rollins fan atm of Shield. It annoys me that HHH doesn't end his in-ring career, he had some great opportunities: Taker vs HHH, heck even his match with Bryan would be a great match to call your last. I am just waiting until we have a new breed of talent, Only Cena, Batista & Orton to leave after HHH
  17. Rollins is also a babe. WWE seems to be giving Seth more spots since they gradually turned The Shield face which is sincerely welcomed considering what he is able to execute as a performer.

    I agree that it makes sense for HHH to end his in-ring career when we take in to account the role he is carrying out in the WWE. I guess right now I don't mind him continuing because I have really enjoyed him on-screen since The Authority storyline began, far more now than in recent years. We do need a new breed to carry the company in the future and I think that Wyatt and Reigns are a good place to start this breed :emoji_slight_smile:.
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