Summerslam Summerslam poster revealed

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Nicked from AJ's twitter via Wrestlinginc so it is legit.
  2. Looks like Ziggler is receiving a quick hand-job.
  3. He looks to be in a bit of pain/a bit uncomfortable. AJ must be a thugger and janker.
  4. Looks like Kane is enjoying the view too much, by the way this is horrid.
  5. Yeah this poster sucks. Looks like it was made by the TNA poster designer.
  6. Y U SO CUTE :upset:
  7. Damn I just wasted my 6k message ^
  8. It isn't that bad, this is you on photoshop TNA is Gohan on paint.
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  9. Hahahaha. This is horrible!
  10. Needs more AJ
  11. Pretty bad poster. Not that bad of an idea, but badly executed.
  12. I wish they put Brock on it, I'd have liked to have seen him on a rollercoaster with Bryan.
  13. Saw this earlier, I really don't like it. But of course, D-Bry is the best part of it. :bitw:
  14. This poster looks so 'gay', for lack of a better term.
  15. He might be sitting next to him. The person next to Bryan is out of frame :troll:
  16. Shit poster for at least 12 different reasons. The biggest one? Does this mean AJ will be stuck with DZ until at least SS? Fml.

    also, why the fuck do the Bellas get promoted so much? Motherfuckers are never even on TV
  17. Bikinis + Boobs. Speaking of which where is Big E?
  18. IT SUCKS! Just have 1 person on there like last year when that had Brock on. Just to many people are on it.
  19. Photoshopped like a motherfucker, how about just AJ posing on the Roller Coaster?
  20. I like what they were going for but it came out horribly.
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