Summerslam Poster Revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Assuming it's not a fake, I guess that pretty much settles who's winning at MITB. Unless they figured a way for them to fight without the championship being at the center of it, but I seriously doubt it, especially with them already polling fans on their website about who they'd like to see defend the WWEWHC against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.
  2. Before people complain about Cena as always.

    A LOT of people rated Cena/Brock 1 *****. Stop bitching and watch the fucking match and then tell me why they dont deserve the main event spot.
  3. Still doesn't rule out Bray (c) vs Bryan lol.

    But no, this will be a great match. Interested to see what Brock does with the title.
  4. It does since Bray winning the title after losing to Cena for months? lol and Bryan is still injured and I doubt he will be back any time soon so yeah, its been ruled out.
  5. I was joking, I know it's not happening. But the title aren't on this poster. Also Bray losing to Cena doesn't mean he can't grab the belts in a ladder match. SummerSlam is 2 months away so Bryan could be back too.
  6. I doubt anyone would win the title with no momentum and Bray has none of it. I doubt Bryan will be back for a long time if the reports are true.
  7. I wouldn't say he has no momentum. People still care about him and he can still incite a reaction from the crowd. Plus, winning a big match like the MITB ladder match and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the process is a great way of giving someone a lot of momentum.
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  8. Poster looks somewhat fake to me. There is nothing special about it, unlike the previous posters. But yeah, Cena vs Lesnar would be crazy. I loved their feud when Lesnar returned in 2012, that was electric.
  9. Guess we know whos winning MITB fuck you Cena
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  10. Man, hopefully this is fake.
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    The poster itself probably is (these same shots of Cena and Lesnar have been used before in other promotional materials, plus it's unusual for them to release a poster that spoils the main event of the card beforehand... 99.9% of their posters are usually just random images of wrestlers that have no relation to what ends up happening at the actual PPV), but Cena/Lesnar is probably what we will get. I personally would prefer if they found a way to have them wrestle in a non-title situation. It's not like it would be hard to book in that regard.
  12. Yeah, the poster doesn't look that legit and normally they don't put the main event on it as you said. I'm just hoping that Cena doesn't win the belt again, because we all know there's no need to go there again. Same old super stale Cena as the champ, that'd be terrible. If they're able to make Cena/Lesnar II not for the belt and have Lesnar destroy him this time around, great. That'd be pretty good.
  13. This is telling me Cena vs. Lesnar at Summerslam, idk about anyone else
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  14. To setup the feud, Cena should defend the title against Cesaro at BattleGround imo, after they were the last 2 alive in the MITB ladder match. Cena retains, causing Heyman to call in Lesnar for SummerSlam.
  15. New "Network" logo. The scratch is coming to an end :sad:
  16. lel no one's bitching bro
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  17. I said before.
  18. So you're raging at something at possible 'bitching'


  19. Lesnar could always return and screw Cena out of the title. It's hard to know for sure from a poster, but it would appear it will be Cena winning
  20. Poster is obviously a fake one like Lock eluded to, but this would be a bout I would like to watch. And this coming from a guy who is sick of Cena.
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