Summerslam SummerSlam Predictions?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The Sheik, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Not sure if there's a thread, too lazy to look honestly.. I know there's a card predictions thread, but this is different.

    Who ya'll got winning this Sunday?


    Skipping the pre-show

    Finn Balor defeats Baron Corbin - Either guy can win and it won't make a difference. It's the rubber match so i'm going with the babyface.

    The Miz defeats Daniel Bryan - The Miz picks up the cheap win to extend this feud to the next PPV, unfortunately.

    Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeats Jeff Hardy - Hardy is working hurt and will likely take time off soon, Nakamura retains and Orton get's the US. Title at the end of this feud.

    Carmella (c) defeats Charlotte and Becky - Carmella cheats to win, Charlotte and Becky are already big stars, they're building Carmella as a big star, putting her over Charlotte and Becky will definitely help.

    Dolph Ziggler (c) defeats Seth Rollins - Ambrose might get involved here costing Rollins the match, one way or another, Ziggler walks out champion.

    Braun Strowman (MITB) defeats Kevin Owens - This can go either way honestly, but still going with Braun Strowman. Don't see any reason to take the briefcase off him

    Bludgeon Brothers defeats New Day - Bludgeons Brothers retain hopefully. Really sick and tired of the New Day.

    AJ Styles (c) defeats Samoa Joe - AJ retains in a great match. This feud will extend a few months. It might go the rest of the year.

    Ronda Rousey defeats Alexa Bliss (c) - Ronda wins the title in a pretty good match. Both are solid performers, Alexa might be the best heel going today and Ronda has been fantastic since joining WWE in January. Should be an interesting match

    Brock Lesnar (c) defeats Roman Reigns - Leaning towards Lesnar retaining here and Strowman cashin-in on RAW the next night against Lesnar..
  2. Gulak beats Cedric

    Sunday become Andrade/Zelina Day

    Owens wins the briefcase

    Owens cashes in, pinning Reigns

    Ronda wins

    Charlotte wins

    AJ Styles wins

    Nakamura wins

    New Day wins

    Miz wins

    Dolph wins

    Balor wins

    The Revival wins
    1. Revival over B-Team
    2. Almas and Vega over Rusev and Lana due to Aiden being an idiot
    3. Miz over Bryan
    4. Corbin over Balor
    5. Alexander over Gulak
    6. Carmella over genuine wrestlers
    7. Rollins over Ziggler
    8. Strowman over Owens
    9. Bludgeon Brothers over New Day
    10. Joe over Styles
    11. Ronda over Alexa
    12. Lesnar over Reigns
    13. Strowman cashes in successfully
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  4. The only match that is obvious is Nakamura's Vs Hardy.
  5. Well...they have to let Nakamura win a few now after he
    was jobbed out to Jinder & A.J in a combined 6 World
    title matches.

    Its amazing how worse off the 2 2018 Rumble winners are
    at this point in time...

    Almost if the main roster creative has a problem with Japanese
    wrestlers being successful.

    Just putting that out there...
  6. Well no. If they didn't want them to be successful then they wouldn't have had them win the Royal Rumble's. Or this hatred for Japanese people has developed after the month of January 2018.
  7. And as we've seen...winning the Rumble doesn't
    mean jack if you go on to be a jobber afterwards.

    Think Dude...

    Look back at the treatment of all their Japanese
    talent over the years & tell me that there isn't an

    In NXT its clear race doesn't matter...but on the
    main roster...well...the booking & records speak
    for themselves.
  8. Baron over Finn

    Bryan over Miz

    Hardy over Shin

    Charlotte over Becky and Carmella

    Seth over Dolph

    K.O. over Braun

    New Day over B. Bros.

    Styles over Joe

    Ronda over Alexa

    Brock over Roman
  9. I tried to write a thing like alexb did back in the day, but like 2 matches in I was already such a downer that I couldn't post it.

    *turns NXT back on*

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  10. Ricochet did win the title, no worries.