Kayfabe SummerSlam will be your "Doomsday"...

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  1. *The video package opens to a shuffling sound and the sudden reveal of the face of Jack Rogue, in a pitch dark room. His blue eyes are tired and have dark bags beneath them, accentuated by the shadows thrown by the bright white light of the camera. He looks over his shoulder into the blackness before whispering to the camera*

    : Sorry about my surroundings, or lack thereof, this week. As I'm sure you're all aware, members of Precision talent have an obligation to speak to the audience in some form or other when they are booked for a match, and this week is SummerSlam so this obligation is more pressing than ever. Problem is... Andersen's been making quite the effort to prevent this so I'm doing it in this broom cupboard... *Rogue sighs deeply but still as quietly as he can* ...it's not the first way this nightmare has degraded me, and it's unlikely to be the last. *Jack moves his head subtly sideways and speaks to the man behind the camera* Sorry about this, are you sure you're comfortable? ​

    *Rogue nods at the inaudible reply and looks back into the camera* ​

    : But enough about this situation - I'm straying off topic. This coming Saturday at SummerSlam, I will go one-on-one with Chris "Doomsday" Parks, a man whose sheer destruction of talent in Precision may be unrivalled by just about anybody in Preci... *Jack pauses, then corrects himself* ...anybody in Precision, probably except for Andersen Vega. *Rogue looks over his shoulder once again, shivers, and continues* But Chris Parks has been an unscrupulous wrecking machine of a competitor since his arrival in this company. Antonio "Anarchy" Stark and Will Neilson are just two of the people he has mangled in that ring, and I too know first hand exactly how dangerous he is. The last time I faced him I won, it's true - but for such a new competitor his strength, viciousness and hard-heartedness are startling, and some of the bruises he gave me still litter my body. Saturday will be no easy test, especially under my current circumstances.
    *Jack shakes his head and a new fire enters his eyes as his voice slowly rises through anger*​

    Jack: But Chris, you chose the wrong time to sign a contract to face me. I've been subjected to humiliation and emotional torture by Andersen Vega unendingly for the past two weeks, and I will use our match as my way to vent my frustration. You will be dealing with a different Jack Rogue from what you have seen - I refuse as best I can to let Andersen's disease infect me but God damn it I will use my anger to beat you. I will match your aggression like for like, and for damn CERTAIN... I will kick your hea-

    : Where you at, Jack? You over this way boy?
    *Suddenly, the voice of Jack's employer can be heard just down the corridor and panic fills Rogue's expression. With the realisation that he spoke too loudly, Jack presses a finger to his lips and drops a large, soft object in front of the camera, cutting the camera off from the rest of the cupboard. The frame fills with blinding white for a moment before the camera light is turned off with a quiet click. A mere second later, the door to the cupboard is heard to swing open*​

    Andersen: Here you are. Where the fuck have you been? What are you doing?

    Jack: Sorry um... sir, I was just finishing off these Pidgey evolutions you asked me to do for you. I... wanted somewhere quiet.

    Andersen: You chose a strange place. Surely they can't have taken you this long?

    : There are one hundred and twenty-three of them, sir, and the animation's quite long.

    : You better have kept the Lucky Egg on all that time or I'll pull your tongue out through your teeth.

    Jack: Yes, sir. You're nearly level thirty-four now.

    : Good. Were you... talking to yourself a second ago?
    *Rogue pauses momentarily before responding*​

    : Yes, sir. Old habit.

    : I hope you weren't being negative about me.

    Jack: No, sir. Moreso about Pidgeys, as it happens.

    Andersen: Make sure you get them all done, I need that XP.

    Jack: Yes, sir.

    Andersen: Well... I guess I'll leave you here then. Pick up my order from catering when you're done, and bring it to my locker room.

    Jack: Yes, si-
    *The door slams loudly, and Rogue quietly curses as what sounds like a broom falls onto him. He waits a few seconds before pulling what can now be seen to be a folded dust sheet out from in front of the cameraman and whispering again as the light returns from the camera*​

    Jack: Really sorry about that. You OK? *Again, Jack waits for a response before carrying on in further hushed whispers* I say working under Andersen Vega is a nightmare, and it really is. In fact, it's worse - I could never have dreamed of the creative torture he has heaped on to me in his unrelenting effort to break my inner strength and rebuild me in his image. *Jack moves further forward and stares deep into the camera* But ultimately, I put myself here because I couldn't beat Vega when it mattered - and now that I'm here I will do everything I can to use this situation to my advantage, and for the betterment of Precision. I will be stronger, I will not break, and I will bring down Andersen Vega while stood at his right hand. And if he takes me down, I swear to you all that I will bring him with me. This crusade, though, relies on him dropping his guard, and I will earn his approval and prove my worth by beating Chris Parks at Summerslam. Chris - Summerslam will be your "Doomsday", where I will kick your head, clean off-

    *Once again, Jack pauses suddenly and pulls the dust sheet in front of the camera just as the door swings open once more*

    Andersen: Oh my god, what is taking you? Did you even finish those evolutions?

    Jack: Yes, sir, just got done actually.

    Andersen: I know there's a fuckton but you've been ages. Go get my order, now!

    Jack: Yes, sir.

    *Scuffling is heard as Rogue stands up. He pauses, then kicks the dustsheet away from the camera, nods to the cameraman, and leaves the room. The video fades to black as Jack is heard walking slowly along the corridor outside*

    -End of segment-
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