Summerslam SummerSlams Better than most PPV in last 6 months

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DickthrBruiser, Aug 20, 2018.

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  1. I give an A+ to the athletes participating in SummerSlams. Even though the outcomes are scripted the WWE has some of the hardest working entertainers I have seen in quite some time. Everyone of the performers gave it all and it showed. Ronda Rousy lived up to her expectations but I wanna see her and Oskua duke it out. Bliss was simply overwhelmed by Rousy and she can only get better. She let it slip that she hadn't had much time to prepare for the match but she is so gifted she proved to be worth her weight. I don't think any of the competitors all night don't feel beat up today as the incredible effort they put forth to entertain.
    Was quite surprised Brock Lesnar was pinned but the way the match was set up with Strohman gave him the final push he deserves. Usually there is at least one battle that sucks but even The Miz and Bryan pushed all the right buttons. I hate the Miz but he plays his character very well. Too bad he had to follow the script but haven't seen the last of those two.
    Congratulations WWE you have a limited roster but those men and women really gave it everything. It's been a while since it all clicked at a PPV. Thank you.
  2. Summer Slam was the best ppv of 2018 so far. Not saying much...
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  3. I only watched the last match but based on the results, it seems to be the best of the year but like Redboy said, it really isn't saying much. Looking back on the year, we had very mediocre, drawn out, and boring PPVs. Wrestlemania was a let down and the rest of the PPVs are basically forgettable. I can't even tell you anything major that happened at any of them.
  4. Royal Rumble was dope though
  5. Used to hang out at this pub in Oldsmar, Florida. The owner somehow had connections with Florida Pro Wrestling. Every Thursday she had a live program on 970am talk radio out of Tampa. Had a lot of Florida wrestling athletes come in and hang out. It was mostly WCW guys and the injured and recovering Women stars she hired on as bar tenders. Gordon Solie, the so called Dean of wrestling, would come and hang out. He introduced me to Steve DeBurg the QB for the Tampa Bay Bucks. In those days there was a lot of drinking and partying by the male entertainers including Dusty Rhodes, Dick Murdoch to name a few.
    After watching Summerslams last night those good old boys couldn't cut it. Those guys were all tough as nails, but had nothing against the entertainers I saw last night. Don't get me wrong those guys would knock the crap out of you but this new generation of men and women last night showed that even a PG rated environment like the WWE is now could bring it home without the blood. Back then if you wanted to be a bleeder you would find a little something in their paycheck. Now it's all about high flyers and stuff. One heck of a PPV though, these entertainers now a days I have no idea how they keep from getting busted open, as Big JR would say. One thing for sure these modern men and women are amazing. Thank you for the great entertainment you gave last night.