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"Who Goes There?" was the original novella that the movie was based on.. but it was an edited version for publication.

"Frozen Hell" was the discovered original uncut version. 45 pages reintegrated that were originally cut to make "Who Goes There?" publishable.
Well...I learned something today...

Nice work Kev you Sexy Beast.

Also...has anyone else here seen the 1951 "The Thing From Another World"?
I actually own it on DVD with a commentary track by John Carpenter.

You read that right...the guy qho directed the 1982 version did a commentary
track for the 1951 version. Its actually a really good listen.

*Looks over at Suplex Idol Suplex Idol who has a rolled up newspaper in his hand*

Oh Shit! Sorry for going off topic!

Don't hit me!

Next Question!
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