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  1. I find it funny how people nag and complain that if you don't use it you will get cancer but it has been stated it does not prevent cancer at all. It just prevents your body from burning and when your body isn't burning or showing signs of too much sunlight, that means you have no way of knowing that you need to get out the sun.

    Also, it blocks your body from producing vitamin d3 which actually prevents all cancers, including skin cancer. So using sun screen actually increases your risk of skin cancer. It doesn't decrease it.

    I don't get where people come up with this stuff lol
  2. It also prevents your body from taking in serious amounts of UV rays, which does cause cancer if it you take in too much. If you stay out too long while wearing sunscreen, over many years for many periods of time, your chances are higher.

    So yeah, it does reduce your chances of cancer. But it also does harm, it's not as dangerous as you make it out to be, though.
  3. Does it prevent cancer or reduce the chances???
  4. Reduce chances.
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  5. Point was it doesn't prevent it. It prevents the burn. You still take in damage when the chemicals are cooking on the surface of your skin. You need UVB (not UVA) rays to make vitamin D3. If you aren't able to make vitamin D3 you will end up with a lot of health problems later in life.
  6. Nothing prevents cancer. I've never heard of or seen anyone or any company claim that sunscreen prevents cancer.
  7. The people do is my point lol not the companies
  8. The whole point of this thread was about people who misinform each other lol
  9. You misinformed when you told me I was going to be happy after last night.
  10. I gave you Shadow's number, it is not my fault you wanted to wear a condom.
  11. I'm black, I don't need sunscreen.
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