Sunderland AFC parts company with head coach!!!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by taily96, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. Sunderland AFC confirms that it has parted company with head coach Paolo Di Canio this evening.
    Kevin Ball will take charge of the squad ahead of Tuesday night’s Capital One Cup game against Peterborough United and an announcement will be made in due course regarding a permanent successor.
    The club would like to place on record its thanks to Paolo and his staff and wishes them well for the future.
  2. What a fucking joke!!! Things can only get worse from here :tough:
  3. lolumad #demotion
  4. I can only lol and lol hard.
  5. i did nazi that coming
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  6. LOL even I found that funny
  7. Pulis and Mclaren are favorites, just good luck Sunderland fans.
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  8. Looking forward to the Seabs vs Jonathan next year (Wednesday vs Sunderland). Hopefully you'll get relegated from the championship too.
  9. Firing him was ridiculous lol. Mad stuff.
  10. I can't even be happy because the way it's going Boro could easily go down. :sad:
  11. You and me both brother.

    Also as for Dicanio... Zero fucks given although I like him as a ref beater.
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