Sunderland vs Norwich

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Any body else watching? Bunn's red seemed harsh as did the pen IMO, it bounced off his chest and into his arm, isn't there supposed to be intent? The keeper shouldn't have raised his hand but again I don't see intent.
  2. i missed that just tuned in holt nearly in there
  3. Nah got Tottenham on. Sunderland/Norwich aren't the most entertaining teams to watch in the world.
  4. I'll watch just for you if you want.
  5. It's finished, Sunderland stunk the place out for a 1 - 1 after Bunn got sent off for the ball hitting his arm pit outside of the area and their goal was a penalty after Bassong chested the ball which flicked up onto his hand.
  6. Sounds like a typically exhilarating Sunderland game. :idkwtf:
  7. anyone else think sunderland will go down i do with the games they have left
  8. I hope so, they looked horribly today.
  9. Utterly awful, 10-men after 30 minutes and we just pass side to fucking side for the rest of the game...

    It's official, #MONOut
  10. Lol WHAT?

    I hate fans like you. No offence, but I really do.
  11. The negative tactics, the stupid substitutions, it's beyond a joke.

    I hate fans like you. Those that don't support their local team and never go to games... :pity:
  12. Lpool fans are the worst for last week it was #lpool4top4 #rodgersisgreat this week its #rodgersout #lpoolisshit
  13. Guarantee I go to more United games than you do Sunderland, and you actually live there. Pitiful supporter.

    Lol so true.
  14. Considering I had a season ticket for years and go to at least 15 games a season without one, no, you don't.

    When did you last go to a Man Utd game?
  15. I support a shit team who couldn't even beat Middlesbourgh, more dedication than either of you glory hunting fag :tough:
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  16. You talking about Sunderland? Lol:lol1:
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  17. EXACTLY! The true football support right here. :tough:
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  18. :yes:

    I'd honestly prefer an atmosphere like this every week over Man U's trophy cabinet.
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  19. I'd prefer an atmosphere to both. :okay:
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