WrestleMania Sunlife Stadium Webcam

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  1. http://weather.weatherbug.com/FL/Miami%20Beach-weather/weather-cams/local-cams.html?zcode=z5830&lang_id=en-GB&camera_id=PROPL&camera_animate=1

    Webcam of Sunlife stadium. Updates every 15 minutes, thought this could be quite cool as I get quite excited about the sets. Not much happening at the moment, though.

    Not taking credit for the find, still cool though.
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  2. They're making the sets already? Nice.
  3. I wonder if it will still be up come wrestlemania, if so it'd be neat to watch the people flock around the ring.
  4. Oh wow! Thanks for posting man! Sure as hell I'm putting it on at work to see how everything is being build.
    Awesome! L + R
  5. Those Q-Holes on the website changed the cam so you couldn't see the ring be set up. :kobe:
  6. He's rite it's just looking into the parking lot now and not showing anything!

  7. Camera's moved to the outside? They're doing something big in there.
    Part 2, starring the WWE divas?
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  8. Laughed so hard. +1
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