sup *******?

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Daiquan, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. yo. just joined da forum.. already joined that federation x shit. lookin forward to postin wit all yall. except da white ppl of course.
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  2. sup niggas?

    Not sure if serious....but that's kinda messed up if you are.
  3. sup niggas?

    Da fuck u tryin to say?
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  4. sup niggas?

    Trying to say that you sound sorta racist.
  5. sup niggas?

    LOL im black dumass. black ppl cant b racist. DUH.
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  6. sup niggas?

    Yes they can. Any race can be racist, you can even be black and be racist to black people. Being racist means to dislike a certain race, DUH.
  7. sup niggas?

    lol bro, it pretty commin knolege black ppl CANT be racist. lol, u sound like a real cracka.
  8. sup niggas?

    No it's not, in matter of fact bro, I'm actually black too, and you're making black people look bad with your stupidity and ignorance.
  9. sup niggas?

    u sure u really black? lol wouldnt b surprised if ur actually wite, an they just backed you in the oven at 350 degrees LOL.
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  10. sup niggas?

    Pretty sad comeback :pity:
  11. sup niggas?

    kinda like yo face!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! BURNNNN!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
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  12. sup niggas?

    :haha: Dat comeback sucked like Kelly Kelly
  13. sup niggas?

    more like your mouth on my cock
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  14. sup niggas?

    Sorry I don't get pleasure from men on men action....but I see you do :pity:
  15. sup niggas?

    man i thought u forum ppl was sposed to be welcoming. u a big bully.
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  16. sup niggas?

    I would welcome you if you would be kind and treat all races equally.
  17. sup niggas?

    1. racist
    2. Can't spell
  18. sup niggas?

    This has got to be a troll
  19. sup niggas?

    i dont think it is
  20. sup niggas?

    Waddup, ma' brother!
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