News Super Bowl celebrations turn violent: Cops arrest 12 & use pepper spray in Denver

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Swift, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. Police in Denver made 12 arrests and had to use pepper spray to disperse unruly football fans celebrating the Denver Bronco’s victory in the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Law enforcement officers cordoned off streets, while a police car was also damaged.
    After the game, which the Broncos won, supporters started to spill out on to the street from local bars.

    Law enforcement officers in riot gear fired pepper spray and fired gas-filled pepper balls during confrontations with Broncos fans in the downtown area. They also closed off multiple streets in order to stop the flow of people making their way to the city center.

    Police spokesman Sonny Jackson noted a total of 12 arrests were made, for criminal mischief, starting fires and throwing objects at the police. He also said two people were detained on gun related charges.

    Police confirmed that no officers were injured during the violence, though a police vehicle suffered a shattered window, while local properties were damaged after trash cans were thrown.

    Jackson did say the majority of fans were well behaved, though there was a minority who caused trouble.
  2. Lold at the "there was a minority causing trouble" haha
  3. I'll never understand the "hey our team just won let's fuck up our city" crowd. They deserve to be strung up by their eye lids and have their feet placed in a piranha tank.
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  4. Colorado you say?