WrestleMania Super excited for Brock vs... (may be a spoiler?)

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  1. I am excited for the street match. It has been some time since it has happened (a street match). I am hoping this will lead into more matches like this in the future (after WM). LET ME DREAM!

    So yeah, Ambrose is amazing when weapons can be used and Brock takes a beating from said weapons so I am expecting this to be match of the night for Wrestle Mania. Brock always has great matches and I feel like this match is really going to show case Ambrose 100% to the WWE and to his fans. It should put him over... not that he needs the help there.
  2. The perfect stipulation. If Ambrose goes over, and that's a major IF, it wouldn't hurt Lesnar. Same if Lesnar beat Ambrose. It's designed to make both come out strong as fuck. It definitely has the potential to be the MOTN, especially since both guys have a high pain threshold. They could let them pull some really good stuff.
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  3. This match is going to kick ass! IDGAF who wins. It's a No Holds Barred Street Fight involving a fucking lunatic and a fucking beast! :yay:
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  5. Good move by WWE. Way better than Bray Wyatt. And street fight rules is a must. This match and the HIAC are both gonna be neck and neck for match of the night, and most likely year.
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