Super PipeBomb - recruitment thread V3!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    A few people have been PMing me and Rhodes the co-leader about joining and I me and Rhodes have been PM User for guys who I think would be great in Super PipeBomb, I think it's time we got some new members in. There is no limit of how many people we will add in, it could be 1 it could be 101 just need to not be in a group already.
    Super Pipebomb was Founded by Respect Gohan6425 who has left for some other forums site so I am take it over ME ZERO as THE HEAD LEADER OF SUPER :pipebomb:!
    Fill in the below template then the rest of the members will discuss it and I'll PM you to show if you're successful and talk over with other group memeber. P.S. You can't be in anyother or group if you are in another group you have to leave to join. If youcome into are group and then join another group after you will have 24 Hours to leave it or you will be kick out of Super PipeBomb and will not be alot back in!​
    Name? :​
    Reason you want to join? :​
    What do you think you could add to the group (EG: Being HQ around the forum, friendly or others and PipeBomb like. Try and be imaginative here)? :​
    Will you be active? :​
    What we offer you :​
    A custom Dark Grey username with 2 Stars on it and userbar. [​IMG]
    A private subsection with more relaxed rules than the regular forum.​
    An award which you can't gain any other way. [​IMG] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:[/size]​

  2. Code Name?: Hugh Jass​
    Reason you want to join? : I love CM Punk and am a huge fan of Gohan​
    What do you think you could add to the group (EG: Being HQ around the forum, friendly or others and PipeBomb like. Try and be imaginative here)?: I'm already qualified for BITW, enough said​
    Will you be active? : Yes​
    What we offer you : Millions of Dollars [​IMG]
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  3. u half to lead the 2 other group! so no u do not qualified!
  4. Hugh Jass for Pres 2016.
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  5. Why'd you kick me from SP?
  6. yo im down. ZERO dont be a pussy.

  7. u can't be in any group other then sp! But no i was not the one who kick u out!
  8. Rhodes said you kicked me,that lying bastard..

  9. :gtfo: !
  10. :smooches:
  11. Wait wait wait, since when does Gohan speak english well???

    Also, join SP for nudes of Crayo


  13. And here I thought you are Gohan, what a silly brick I was.
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  14. Dont understand this. We have 11 members. That's enough
  15. * comes out with Cloud and deth * Now hold on bay baay!! You ain't recruiting with the best band in town around!!​
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  16. One Direction?
  17. Naw mane, it's the best band in the world. It's made up of Lil Wayne(lead guitar), Nicki Minaj(vocals and bass), and Justin Bieber(drums). We call it, Megaswag
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  18. You should call it Ear Cancer
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  19. No it's Megaswag.
    Swag sells.....but who's Swagging?
    So what?
    Swag is my business....and business is good.
    Rust in Swag
    Hanger Swag
    Holy Swag... the Ratchet is Due
    Cryptic Swag
    Countdown to Swagiction
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  20. Only inexperienced people on this site who dont even know what Gohan is like wants to be in SP.
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