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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Just came to visit see how bad site been since solidus shithead took over! And my ban over I guess? (Who know he may ban again one he see this? B/c you know he a dictator of an owner) I will not give in solidus to demand so I making this for recruitment thread for people who wanted join my group since he does not have my group listed b/c I will not reset my Super PipeBomb History of all the great Thread I had over the years! The dictator will not listed my PAID GROUP! REAL CASH BY THE WAY! On the grouping listed which is VERY DISRESPECTFUL! Since my group 3rd group EVER made on! And I paid $32.00 of my own money for that sever that Crayo gave that I was graven in my package deal with Crayo the old owner of this forums. Solidus seem think just b/c he own the site now that he can change the package deal I was primrose back in 2012 which is bold shit I paid for my section and right to have thread the way I it as that the sever I PAID FOR! I got the highest level you could get.

    Super Pipebomb was Founded by Randy Savage/Respect Gohan6425 THE HEAD LEADER OF SUPER :pipebomb:! This was one of 3 1st groups made here on and is 2nd longest ACTIVE GROUP ON WWEFORUMS.NET only behind group Team Showoff.

    Fill in the below template then the rest of the members will discuss it and I'll PM you to show if you're successful and talk over with other group memeber. P.S. You can't be in another or group if you are in another group you have to leave to join. If youcome into are group and then join another group after you will have 24 Hours to leave it or you will be kick out of Super PipeBomb and will not be alot back in!

    Name? :

    Reason you want to join? :

    What do you think you could add to the group (EG: Being HQ around the forum, friendly or others and PipeBomb like. Try and be imaginative here)? :

    Will you be active? :

    What we offer you :

    A custom Dark Grey username with 2 Stars on it and userbar. [​IMG]

    A private subsection with more relaxed rules than the regular forum.

    An award which you can't gain any other way. [​IMG] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: (I don't know if this is still here or not?)[/size]​
  2. Name? : CM Punk's Anus

    Reason you want to join? : I need you to shove your :pipebomb: in my butt

    What do you think you could add to the group (EG: Being HQ around the forum, friendly or others and PipeBomb like. Try and be imaginative here)? : Imaginative? Well, after you shove your pipebomb in my butt, I'll undoubtably shit everywhere(even on your pipebomb if you don't pull out when I say "when") So, I'll add shitty posts basically. Which in all actuality is an upgrade from your even shitter posts. Ya dig?
    Will you be active? : Nope
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  4. 1) Solidus Shithead will go down well, and likely result in another ban

    2) There was no contract when you got your own group, if Crayo wanted to he could have deleted your group a minute after he made it.

    3) For the millionth time, you're group is still here. You''re the one causing all the issues as per usual. All you have to do is use the new group page, but oh no that's too difficult for you isn't it. You don't want to remake your threads, do you? Well fucking pity. IWT Creative has threads which are hell of a lot more important than your count to 10,000 thread (or any other thread that you think is important in your section) and we had to remake them, in some cases it isn't possible to remake them so we just had to start a-new and continue as best we could.

    So how about you stop crying, grow up and stop demanding everything.
  5. Yeah this will end up well.
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  6. Is it too late to apply?
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  7. Pipebomb like? Da fuq?