Super SmackDown Live Discussion Thread 12/16/14

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Fair warning: Whenever SuperSmackDown LIVE comes to Tuesday nights, there is absolutely no telling what will happen. From “Holiday Celebrations,” to “Blast from the Past” to a good, old “Great American Bash” or coming all the way across the pond to the first-ever live SmackDown broadcast from the United Kingdom, the “Super” edition of big blue carries an incredible history.
    Has a returning Reigns hit the big time?
    Speaking of huge possibilities, WWE Universe, it is official. Returning to WWE with a vengeance — first with at Sunday’s WWE TLC and then on Raw — Roman Reigns has showed, in no uncertain terms, that he is back!

    Now, as announced on Raw, the Slammy Award–winning Superstar of the Year will look to pick up right where he left off on SuperSmackDown LIVE, namely charging down a road of absolute dominance. But is there a giant roadblock in his future? Certainly Big Show has a score to settle with the reemerging Superstar. Reigns hit The World’s Largest Athlete with an explosive Superman Punch during WWE’s Demolition Derby. Still, when he repeated the maneuver on Raw, the irate Big Show actually stayed standing! Translation, big trouble is brewing.

    Will these two masters of the fist once again collide tonight? Or will someone else have the nerve to risk a Reigns Spear attack?

    Walking in the shadow of the Beast!
    WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made a stunning return to Raw last night, laying waste to both his No. 1 contender John Cena inside the Steel Cage and transforming Chris Jericho from in-charge to in serious trouble in a display of absolute dominance.

    Now, the question is: Will SuperSmackDown LIVE feel the aftershock of Lesnar’s swift, yet decisive assault? Regardless of whether The Beast Incarnate shows tonight, the locker room will surely be on high alert. And with Lesnar’s title match against Cena set in stone for the 2015 Royal Rumble, will the Cenation leader have a response on the 800th edition of SmackDown? Never at a loss for words, will Paul Heyman have a follow up to the complete and total onslaught? And on that subject, will the WWE Universe learn whether the Mad Scientist was somehow in cahoots with Seth Rollins in Raw's main event? Find out tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

    Can Ambrose afford to be under the same roof as Wyatt?
    Moreover, at WWE TLC, Bray Wyatt ultimately overcame a blinded Dean Ambrose in the culmination of a completely brutal Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match. We have since learned that these two vicious adversaries will both be under the same roof on SuperSmackDown LIVE tonight!

    But can The Lunatic Fringe possibly be in any shape to meet the sinister Eater of Worlds head-on, in the wake of his pay-per-view injures? Or will that even matter, considering how little the unstable Superstar seems to care about his own well-being?

    Who will look to show up The Showoff?
    While on the subject of conquerors, the conquering hero Dolph Ziggler will return to SuperSmackDown LIVE a four-time Intercontinental Champion.

    The exciting Ziggler continues to prove that he can steal the show time and time again. Since it’s a safe bet that the bleach-blond titleholder will most certainly come out swinging, who will emerge with eyes on his illustrious title.

  2. cant wait to see this :happy:
  3. Wow. How long has it been since the last time SD was aired live?

    It's kinda weird coming to the SmackDown section and not reading the spoilers about some episode.

    I have a feeling this may end up being better than RAW. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was.
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  4. cant wait to see this
    I agree with ya
  5. What channel will this be on? Or will it be WWEN exclusive?
  6. Think I will be watching.
  7. I'll guess I'll tune in for mah baybay.
  8. You can do it, Fandango!
  9. come on Roman
  11. who are u talkin about?
  12. I'm not watching this right now, but I'll be sure to watch it tomorrow.

    Just tuning in to say... Enjoy the show, boys and gals!

    I'm off to sleep.

    Good night, everyone. Have a good time!
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  13. Ambrose
  14. O the Nut
  15. Anyways, I've seen what I wanted to. Peace.
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  16. Dolph is so above this mid card bullshit.
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