Games Super Smash Bros. 4(WiiU and 3DS)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Harley Quinn, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. So anybody else on the forums got Super Smash Bros. 4 yet on either system? I have it on the 3DS and it's awesome. My main 3 characters are Samus(not Zero Suit Samus), Sheik and Robin(prefer using female). I'm pretty good with all the female characters actually, as well as Little Mac(though his jump is a bitch), Greninja, Pac-Man, Toon Link, Ganondorf, Marth, Ike and Donkey Kong.

    I play to win :tough: So if anybody wants to fight, don't expect something easy.
  2. Nah my brother has it for the Wii U if I'm not mistaken so I'll prlly go over there after the holiday festivities Thursday and play a little bit.
  3. If he uses Little Mac, throw that bitch off the cliff. Little Mac has the shittiest jump of all time
  4. So I hear, I don't even know who I plan on using, prlly Ike at some point.
  5. Ike is alright, but you need to practice with him a lot, he is much different than he was at Brawl, and his up B special is a bitch. Screw that up when trying to get to the stage, and you're done.
  6. O Rly? Well then, I was kinda just expecting him to be the same or very similar if not.. How's Toon Link?
  7. Me too, and Toon Link is pretty good, his speed makes it good to dodge stuff and his projectiles good to keep hitting. Much better than Link in my opinion. Link in this game is much slower, more power but just to slow for me to use normally.
  8. Link & Fox were always my characters in the original game, although I threw in a Ness use every now and then.
  9. Link was one of my mains in the past as well. Ness is actually pretty damn good in this game if you know how to use him, same with Fox
  10. Got it on 3ds, it's really really good. Actually the smoothest smash yet
  11. Played a little bit last night, it was pretty legit.. for the Wii U that is, had a chance to play with almost all of the characters but still couldn't pick a favorite for this one.
  12. Smash 3DS me :tough: And did you do the 8 man Smash on the WiiU?
  13. My mum just got herself a WIiU for Christmas and I've been Humming and harring if I should buy.
  14. Just bought it on WiiU. Need a storage device for it though :facepalm:
  15. I'm trying to find someone to trade a Wii U for my Xbox One, then I'd buy Smash Bros and play. :yay:
  16. :bully2:But Phantom Pain
  17. I have both! :3 I personally play Samus/Bowser!
  18. Anybody wanna play on the WiiU? Just add me anytime. Name is MasterKazMiller. Anybody wanna play on 3DS, leave ya FC here. I'll update the OP so that it has people's username and FC on it.
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