Super Sunday Discussion (Arsenal/Chelsea and United/Spurs)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Lol @ how bad Arsenal are, Jesus Christ they're getting torn apart. I expect United to draw or lose later as well, the weather condition is horrible.

    4-1 in this Chelsea/Arsenal game is my prediction. 2-2 Spurs/United later.
  2. How Arsen Wenger didn't get fired 6 yrs ago is beyond me, but this is an all time bad Arsenal.

    And screw Spurs, hopefully they drop to lower level.
  3. Arsenal are absolutely shocking, their defence is appalling.
  4. 6 year ago Arsen was still an overwhelming success, that's just when things began to go bad. You shouldn't sack someone for a bad year, but I admit he shouldn't be at Arsenal any more. This is his last season imo.
  5. Neville outclassing Redknapp in punditry there.
  6. Lol so true, what's new? (that rhymes)
  7. MC Crayo in DA house.

    Dover esque run from Walcott there.
  8. Dover run, not a Dover finish lmao :pipebomb:
  9. Stop being a meanie, Dover is clinical :sad:
  10. Marked for the Scotland mention.

    Looks like s decent Man Utd side without Ferdinand there, decent spurs side as well, glad to see Parker back.
  11. Kagawa, Carrick, Welback, RVP, Vidic, Rafael and Ferdinand have been world class. Especially the first four.
  12. Re: RE: Super Sunday Discussion (Arsenal/Chelsea and United/Spurs)

    Huh? RVP has been pretty quite beyond his goal imo, Kagawa hasn't had any really notable moments either for me. Welbecks run when Parker got the free kick was dope though. Your cbs have been immense this half admittedly, and Carrick is dominant in the middle thus far imo.
  13. #fuckingdover
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  14. Lol at all the RVP love.
  15. Re: RE: Super Sunday Discussion (Arsenal/Chelsea and United/Spurs)

    Probably the second best out and out striker on the planet currently lol (Falcao is better come at me Crayo) of course we love him but yeah he's been practically nonexistent this game imo.
  16. #SeabsDoesntEvenWatchFalcaoPlay
  17. Re: RE: Super Sunday Discussion (Arsenal/Chelsea and United/Spurs)

    And you know this how? Is it because I don't mention it every 3 seconds?
  18. So you follow At Madrid? Okay, who's the outstanding player this season for them (apart from Falcao)? It's obvious as every analyst mentions it every game AND any fan can realise it, he's been a real gem.
  19. Re: RE: Super Sunday Discussion (Arsenal/Chelsea and United/Spurs)

    Assuming we're talking about Turan, not sure why Liverpool didn't pick him up from Galatasary earlier on in his career actually, still I don't follow them obsessively or anything (never claimed to have) but can you deny Falcao isn't the best on the planet in his position? I'm not quiet sure why you're getting so much on the offense either tbh.
  20. Not sure how I'm on the offence, you took the 3 second shot :pity1:

    Yes I can easily deny it. Falcao doesn't turn up in big games, RVP is leaps and bounds ahead of him at holding the ball up, finishing clinically (subjective), better at set pieces (both taking them, attacking them AND defending them). I think if you had a list of "traits", RVP would have more than Falcao. When it comes down to comparing players like that, that is the only way. I know which player I would rather have. Not Turan btw, but he's a decent shout I guess.

    You can compare this seasons record, RVP has played two more games but has only scored one less goal than Falcao, but you can not deny that the BPL is MUCH harder to play in than La Liga. There are much more competition for BPL teams, like all the big four away/home, and the Everton's, Stokes away, Liverpool home/away and then the surprise teams like West Brom etc, there are much harder games imo. It's why such unbelievable games:goals ratio's are a rarity in the BPL. RVP has produced two epic ratio's in two seasons for two different teams.

    Look at what games RVP has scored in this season and last season, and do the same for Falcao. No goals for Falcao against Valencia, Madrid, and a relatively lacklustre performance at Barca (but scored one decent goal). His record is boosted by poor displays by Deportivo where he got five goals and a poor Bilbao where he got a hat-trick, his record is based on smaller poorer teams where as RVP scores class goals in massive games (Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal etc).

    That's my case anyway, Gary Neville agrees with me so that's all I care about :yay:
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