Super Sunday: Manchester United vs Liverpool.

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  1. Manchester United have played fairly good in the first half as they're 1-0 up currently against Liverpool thanks to Robin Van Persie. Liverpool just haven't got into the game yet with the likes of their best striker, Luis Suarez. They haven't managed to get any real attempts on goal in order to pressure Manchester United however the second half will be more competitive and more interesting, I hope.
  2. I'm doubtful, it will take a complete fuck up from United for 'Pool to come out of this game with anything, they're nothing more than an average mid table side these days.
  3. The current scores 2-1. Daniel Sturridge equalizes for Liverpool, sadly. It seems to be game on now.
  4. The GOAT team wins. 10 points clear baby.
  5. You douches should do me a favor, and make a thread before what should be a good game starts. I want to get into soccer, but there are too many options for games when i go to firstrow.

  6. Arsenal/Man City, 4pm today should be a good one^

    Don't get why they're blaming De Gea for the goal, that was Rafael's fault for not tracking the man, it was a good save.
  7. Crayo, how was the game? I was asleep but I see Liverpool lost 2-1. RVP and Sturridge scored.
  8. Dont know what time it is where you are. If not too much work, tag me please and ill come check it out. Thanks.
  9. Sorry totally forgot lol, 5 minutes from now, #1 vs #3 in the premier league.
  10. Jamie Rednapp is so hit and miss. He was so wrong there. The GOAT analyst himself (:gary:) even said it was a great save and Rafael fell asleep.

    United dominated for like 70 minutes, Liverpool could have stole it with their last 30 minutes of domination. Sturridge changed the game. Welback and Carrick were world class in the first half.
  11. Word will put it on, thanks.
  12. United are #1

    It's #2 vs #6 or wherever Arsenal are.
  13. Oh well, close enough lol. But yeah, Redknapp is a tool, Neville >> him every day of the week.
  14. Was disappointed by RVP and Suarez tbh, expected that to be a great duel but it wasn't.
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