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  1. So Steve Lemme aka a prominent member of the 'Broken Lizard' team who played Mac in the 2001 original first Super Troopers movie came out and said that they're definitely planning on getting the sequel out for the fans.. They had a couple of legal/negotiating issues they had to deal with and now they're trying to raise the funds to definitely finish it and enough to do a good job with it.. He went on to state that with their current plans they are wanting to do the movie with a MINIMUM of a 27 million dollar budget which Lemme stated they are right about there however they still need the last little bit.. Usually when that's the case that means they're about a half year to a year away from raising the money themselves, however with the concept of Kickstarter they will most likely go that route and try and get the last little bit within a shorter time frame.. There has been whispers about the sequel definitely getting done and what not but this is actually the first time that it has come from Broken Lizard's mouth directly that it's getting done.. They plan on starting to film it in the beginning of 2015, hopefully that becomes the actual case because I've been so eager for a sequel.


    Read a little more about what Steve Lemme had to say on the topic here..
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You beat me to it.

    So damn excited. DO YOU NEED MY ASSISTANCE?!
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  3. I'm like Mojo Rawley hyped for it dude, have been ever since I saw the first one a few years after it came out.. I think I saw it in like '03 when I turned 13.

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