Superb Owl predictions

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheArabHammer, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. I believe the Seattle Birds of Prey and New England Hillbilly Militia will play for the Superb Owl what does everyone think?
  2. What??
  3. Whomever has the softest plumage.
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  4. The State where weed is legal Donkeys vs the state where weed is legal birds

    donkeys win
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  5. I'm pretty sure the Baltimore Bumrushers will win it all this season. But first, they gotta get past the Houston Houndogs. Should be easy with their All-Star QB, Spray-Tan Channing.
  6. I have shamed my name as I was only 50% correct in my prediction for the chance to win the superb owl
  7. oh hey there
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