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  1. Feb - 3rd - 2013

    San Fransico 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens

    The Harbaugh brothers face off in the superbowl. These teams are almost identical on paper. Great defenses, with good running games. Both the Ravens and 49ers shut their opponents out in the second half during the AFC/NFC championship games. However, Joe Flacco > Colin Kaepernick. I think at the end of the day, the inexperience of Colin gives the Ravens the win


    Danielson has picked 7-3 in the playoffs.
  2. It will be the Ravens, cause of DESTINY! :ADR:
  3. I'm rooting for the Niners. I'm in love with Kaepernick.
  4. You're from Cali, I hope you are rooting for em
  5. SF Headline news:

    Deth behind Kapernick

  6. Let's go, Ravens!

    For no particular reason at all. :smug:
  7. I am going with the 49ers for the win.
  8. This should be a wonderful matchup! I think the Ravens will win 24-21
  9. Ravens 17 - Niners 10. I foresee a very defensive game.
  10. Ravens 24 49ers 10
  11. :win:
  12. I am going to say...
    49ers: 27
    Ravens: 17
  13. Niners -21
    Ravens - 17
  14. Hopefully this thread will be active on superbowl sunday :obama:
  15. I'll probably be here. I have no life, what else would I be doing? :haha:
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  16. Same here lol.
  17. I'll probably be stuffing my face and yelling at my friend who is a HUGE Niners fan. If I can find time in between those things, I'll post :jeritroll:
  18. Kaepernick is a dangerous man. Forget about his running ability.. DAT FUCKING ARM.
  19. What will ESPN focus on in the next two weeks during their deep breaths when they aren't jizzing themselves over the Harbaughs?

    If it's "Patrick Willis vs Ray Lewis", the final score will be 38-35
    If it's "Joe Flacco vs Colin Kaepernick", it'll be 13-10

    Again, going with the 49ers to win this one, since that'll guarantee a Baltimore win if Danielson hadn't guaranteed it already. :win:
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