Superbowl Sunday

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Cloud, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Whats everyones plans for the big one tonight?

    Me I'm continuing a 9 year tradition of beer, pizza and the Superbowl round my mates house.
  2. I'm going to cheer for the Seahawks because everyone else is cheering for Denver. I'm pulling for the underdog.
  3. To not be sober, eat a shit ton of food, and enjoy a good as hell game. Go Broncos.
  4. Ya know, watch the food...wear a Tebow Jersey (New tradition).
  5. Watching my first ever game tonight but played the shit out of Madden. Safe to say I'll have no idea what's going on but it seems like a pretty cool sport, will I be able to enjoy it if I only know some of the rules or will I just be completely lost?
  6. Times it starting I'm not a huge NFL fanboy but ill watch dis shit.
  7. I don't care who wins, I just hope it's a good game.
  8. 6:30 my time (US EST.). Not sure what the time difference is.
  9. Plus 5 so 11:30. Sounds solid.
  10. Not watching it. I'd much rather play Madden.
  11. Eatings, farting, drinking.
  12. smoke some Super Bowls and watch the game later with some friends
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  13. Super Bowl party at a friends house.
  14. Bar for the first half than friends party for the second half. O Lets do it!
  15. Aw, hell. Just kick back and watch guys hit each other at high rates of speed. If you can't enjoy that, you can't enjoy anything.

    Besides, that's what I do and I know all the rules. So, you'll be fine.

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  16. Chips, Tabasco sauce, ranch dip, milk, cough drops, watching the game with family, listening to my friend who works at Papa John's call every now and then to bitch because living in a city of Peyton marks while working at the pizza place Peyton owns is a bad combination, and enjoying what should be a great game.

    Although fully expecting Cena to win, LOL
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