Superfical People

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. Just got in early from the boozer. What the fuck is wrong with the world these days. Bunch of lads judging each other on superfical reasons. Some ego-manical **** came up to me and said "me and me mates dont think you are nerd, just ugly". Another lilly livered ****, said I need to get a job.

    Its all the ziegheist putting ideas in there heads. I am too smart for the job market, at the end of the day. These lads need to stop playing cards, when they dont know the hand being played. Because guess what? Some fit wench was giving me the old eye this evening, if I had confidence, she would be back and mine getting all the trimmings.

    Superficial people, a shower of bastards.
  2. Most people are insecure about something. That something, if lost, would probably tear them apart at the seams.
    When you hold on to something so tightly, be careful.
    Some people hate being alone, while others want promotions at work. Regardless, most people are willing to throw others under the bus in favor of their own insecurities. Maturity usually alleviates this, however.
  3. Its all the ziegheist putting ideas in there heads. I am too smart for the job market, at the end of the day.
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  4. You do lead a exciting life op.
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  5. Superficial people, a shower of bastards, at the end of the day.
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  6. what is there for me out there

    no job challenges me. the emloyers judge me on superfical reasons. i may not be quick on the uptake, but i am smart. i know loads about NIN and Batman, yet the bastards think I am dumb because I find friverlous takss hard
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  7. Frivolous knowledge, on the other hand...
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  8. it takes smarts to listen to nin
  9. It just takes the ability to hear, brother.
  10. it takes smarts to realise one thing. that nin is the best band in the world

    lilly livered ****s listen to there shitty music, whilst the smartest litsen to NIN. Simple as that, at the end of the day
  11. 'Closer' and 'Came Back Haunted' are my favorite NIN tunes. Sick stuff.
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  12. Finally a lad who gets it

    NIN = Smarts

    Education and Job Market = Dumb
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  13. You know what I say to Trent Reznor?

  14. you dont know shit lad

    Reznot is the smartest lad going
  15. The smartest lad in all the land?
  16. Yes

    Him, Manson and my mate are the smartest going, at the end of the day
  17. Just make a Reznor fap thread already man, damn. Here:
  18. Here's another one, TGMI.
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  19. the smartest mind ofmy lifetime
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