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  1. I can't find a thread in here about it although I was sure I had seen one while perusing threads the other day, if there is one you can just merge this with it but I was wondering who watches this show and what they think so far.

    I just watched last night's return from break episode and it was pretty intense, I like that the show has gone on for it's 9th season now and still remains pretty solid..

    Ideally I wish they would throw in a few more actual Hunting episodes you know to bring back the feel of the old seasons but hey the show is still keeping me hooked.

    Castiel & Crowley are both badasses!
  2. I watch it but I'm so far behind (about halfway through season 2). I tend to only watch about two episodes a week so it'll take ages before I can peep my head back into this thread but I really like it so far. Sam gets on my nerves from time to time and John Winchester got on my nerves most of the time (though he's awesome) but Dean is always awesome. Honestly, I don't think I'll be all to bothered by the apparent lack of hunting episodes in the later seasons. Personally, the show is like the inverse of the X-Files for me, I watch it majorly for the mythology episodes. Those last stretch of episodes in season one and the premiere of season two were incredible. Not that there aren't some very strong stand alone but still, the series shines to me when it's focusing on it's plot. A lot of the early season two monster of the week episodes where the only bit of continuity was with the characters sucked outside of those moments focusing on the character developments.

    Time of Dying (season 2 premiere) (open)
    This was my favorite episode of the series thus far. Absolutely loved Dean's plot in this episode and seeing him go through the five stages of loss/grief prior to John saving him. Despite John's insistence on telling his boys as little as possible, I really did love the character. The episode where they got the Colt and fought the vampires lacked tension due to his involvement but outside of that, I really enjoyed every episode he appeared in. He was a really interesting character and I can relate to certain aspects about him (the same aspects I just criticized him for).

    Also, I'm totally watching the Supernatural anime after I finish season two (since it covers the first two seasons [with a few original episodes]). The dub track even has Jared Padalecki voicing Sam for the entire series. Unfortunately, Jensen Ackles only voices Dean for the final two episodes due to schedule reasons but it's cool that both of them reprise their roles even if it's just briefly for the one I'd rather have the whole time there.
  3. I've never heard about the anime.. That sounds pretty cool.
    I'm a huge fan of the show, it's cool that you watch it the show really evolves as it goes on I didn't give it much thought until a few years back but then I watched it one day and got really hooked, I ended up killing the first 7 seasons almost too quick it's embarrassing to share how fast haha. It was pretty much like Supernatural all day for like two weeks :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Seen through season 8 on Netflix. Decent show. The girls like it due to main actors too, lol.

    Kind of unrelated note: I saw Jensen Ackles did the voice of the Red Hood (aka Robin) in the cartoon Batman:Under the Red Hood. I knew the voice was familiar while watching then I saw his name in the credits and realized it was "Dean".
  5. The guys enjoy the side actresses :emoji_slight_smile: They bring in some very sexy ladies for example like Katie Cassidy before she played Laurel in Arrow she was sooo hot.

    That's pretty cool though that he was the voice of the Red Hood.. The first time I saw him was when he first appeared on Smallville (The Superman show that ended not too long ago). He was pretty good on the show, though nothing beats Thad Castle (Blue Mountain State) playing Aquaman in the show.
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  6. Yeah Smallville was cool, I saw the first few seasons but lost track after awhile. +1 for the Arrow reference btw
  7. I think it's an awesome show. A few of the seasons dragged on for me and weren't as entertaining but they really stepped it up again last season. It's one of those shows where I won't miss an episode :emoji_slight_smile:
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    Green Arrow has been my favorite DC hero since I was like 10 years old, when I heard they were making a fucking show about him I was losing my mind.
    Also Slade Wilson is one of my top favorite villains from the Batman Rogue Gallery, while Spartacus & Crixus happened to be one of my favorite shows and characters for awhile so knowing Manu Benett was playing Slade I was going nuts yet again!

    I know what you mean about dragging on, they do have to hit 20 episodes a season each season so I imagine the writers get a little tired even after a mid season break but yeah I mean they keep it pretty solid, last season was epic and this season has been pretty goddamn good as well
  9. Yeah, he does a great job in Arrow too. I enjoyed him as Crixus as well. I was skeptical about Arrow when they announced it, but they have knocked that one out the park! I hope they bring a Batman character in eventually as they have started mentioning Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins.
  10. I'm just glad that both Supernatural & Arrow are back, in my area CW is one of the better networks because when it gets local programming it's always like Sunny, Community, Parks & Rec which are all some of my favorite shows and also that's the channel that airs ROH for me Saturday nights haha :emoji_slight_smile:

    They have a Gotham show in the works from Fox and supposedly there will be a Bruce Wayne character but my problem with that show is that Agents of Shield had similar format and it's been terrible so far IMO. I think they should make it so Green Arrow (CW Actor: Stephen Amell) pops up in the Justice League movie should they follow the Batman/Superman movie and like work the show to merge into that movie so that both Arrow & Flash end up in the Justice League.

    Idk I've written the story out many different ways in my head on how they could do it.
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  11. Yeah AOS started out pretty disappointing (made a thread about it awhile back) but it has had some ok episodes since. Haven't watched the newest one yet though. I'm intrested to see how the story plays out for Coulson and how he was "revived" from when he supposedly dies in the Avengers movie. The amount of info they've covered on the topic is small right now, but its enough to keep me interested after the last episode!
  12. 15 minutes into the new episode and i'm pretty freaking hyped.
    Crowley & Castiel are some of the funniest mofos around.
  13. Is this series good?
  14. Personally I think so, it's long too.. 9 seasons 20ish episodes a piece at 45 minutes in length without commercials. My kind of show, it doesn't look to be going off the air after this season so it's definitely going to have 10 seasons at minimum.

    The first 3 seasons are pretty "basic" as far as the show goes, when season 4 starts that's when a new element of story telling gets thrown into play and it becomes absolutely wild and very imaginative. The chicks dig it for the main actors, but there are SEVERAL dozens of sexy ladies that pop up throughout the show. It's filled with, Action/Adventure/Drama/Fantasy with a good share of comedic elements and honestly the combination of the 5 genres and the writing staff makes it hella legit.

    Also, I have to say for a lot of people I've convinced to watch, it took them a few episodes to get really into it but once they were hooked they were hooked.
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  15. so happy the show is finally back off break, what a good episode that aired last night!
  16. Last night's episode was awesome!!!
    ^ Her appearance made it less awesome but I thought it was pretty funny she actually played Snooki as a demon and Dean goes "Well, that makes sense." Had me cracking up, also an appearance by Eureka Sheriff Andy who also played a brief appearance as a different character earlier in the show series. (The 1st One; not the 2nd one who played two other characters in Supernatural before aka Eli & Benny, both vampires; Benny the one that Dean teams up with in Purgatory)

    If you haven't seen it yet @Trip in the Head please doo haha :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Ah, we haven't really been keeping up with the current season. I'd be all lost at this point. We'll see it when it makes its way onto Netflix someday :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Oh mann! It's been really good this season; Crowley's character has been written so well the whole time he's been on this show.
    I can't wait for you to see it :emoji_slight_smile:
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  19. just watched last night's episode it was solid; reintroduced my absolute favorite side character of the show although not in the best way but still him being in the episode was great :emoji_slight_smile:
    I am SOO fucking intrigued right now how next season is going to play out!
    @Shadow not sure how far you are bro but man oh man this shit was phenomenal.

    I am Mind blown!
    9 Seasons completed and this show has literally kept my attention throughout the whole series; I'm so happy they're planning to do at the least two more seasons.
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