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  1. With many of us moaning about the lack of talent coming through atm in the WWE

    Is it because of the Supershow structure of RAW and SD?

    I feel slightly yes as the Supershow format results in the brands having very little significance and the same stars appearing week in week out on both shows.

    Whereas with the two brands in full swing we used to get a bit more diversity on the shows.

    So options do away with the Supershow format so that specific stars are only on certain shows freeing up some air time for up and coming talent?

    Or have one brand but still two shows and have SD as a feeder show?

    Sorry if this topic exists somewhere!

  2. On Wrestlezone it is reported now that they have this concept VKM wants to make the draft on Raw the best rated raw of 2012. That means a big draft and also it is being said that the main event of WM 29 most likely can be announced at that Raw.
  3. So this means all the talent to RAW surely?
  4. No they are thinking about big stars like Cena going to Smackdown with no rick-roll. VKM figures he can do it since most main event Smackdown talents appear on Raw more nowadays.
  5. Fair enuf I aint a fan of this Supershow tbh feel its to restrictive as I mention above means its always the same ppl week in week out.
  6. Well I presume they wouldn't waste a Cena heel turn with a move to Smackdown. Seems so unlikely now *sigh..
  7. Well its most likely Punk is moving to Smackdown. He is the Second City Savior(Smackdown being the second "city").
  8. Punk to SD i dunno he's a bit of a hot property for SD at the min! Never know though!
  9. Supershow sucks - simple as that. We roughly have two smackdown matches per RAW, that's either equal to RAW on a good day or more than RAW on most. Also, that means no tag-team wrestlers getting wrestling matches and no United States Championship segments/matches. It's so pointless, it helps no one at all.
  10. Thank u Crayo!

    The supershow concept is dead in the water it achieves nothing apart from staleness faster than a loaf of bread
  11. Guess who's got two thumbs and thinks the super show concept slurps dong?

    This guy
  12. Loving the Scrubs reference!

  13. Bob Kelso?
  14. Rant mode.

    See the thing with Supershow is it means we see all stars twice a week or the stars the WWE want us to see. Which then makes SD redundant in a huge way as they recap RAW for like 20 mins erm it was Monday I can remember what happened ffs. Second due to everyone who the WWE count as there big stars we don't encourage a mid-card whic imo is non existent or tag teams also non existent. The other issue is they do waste time with the RAW recap seriusly who can't remember Monday? I don't need a 20 min recap of what happened 5 mins I'd accept but 20 odd go f**k a duck.

    Also whats the point of the two titles? It's daft if your pushing it as one show which it kinda is then having two titles becomes redundant. It also makes the draft redundant as apart from meaning ppl cant compete for specific titlles we are still going to see them.

    Plus with RAW as the supershow it makes the WWE title the top title in the company imo so the WHC is losing prestige in my eyes.

    See I'd be happy having one title if they made SD the Tag division the US title and the Women's title and put some effort into these areas and made them matter as they could build feuds between ppl then in these divisions and it'd give the lesser stars build up towards becoming the ME on RAW. I admit you may get a drop in ratings at first but if you made the SD episodes matter and built decent feuds you could actually build something in my eyes. It'd be ur mid card show yes but back in the day didn't you care as much about some of the mid card matches as we did the ME I know I did.
  15. Hopefully after Ace gains control of both shows he will put an end to the Supershow nonsense.
  16. I couldn't agree more I can't stand it. If only as then they would have air time for alternative stars to the normal what is it 10? maybe 14
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