SuperSmackdown July 3rd Live discussion thread

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    United States: Live, Tuesday Night, July 3, at 8/7c on the Syfy
    United Kingdom: Wednesday Morning, July 4, at 2AM on SkySportsHD3


    American Bank center Arena in Corpus Cristi, TX

    [size=x-large]What to expect[/size]

    Great American Bash Battle Royal

    Interim General Manager Theodore Long to Appear

    Build to Money In The Bank

    WWE championship build and World Heavyweigh Championship build
  2. Fuck Teddy.
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  3. With a steel pipe? :burns:
  4. "Now playa I know you hate me, but holla you in a tag team match now playa!"
  5. hope im awake for this >.>
  6. I'll watch it live.
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  7. I guess I have to watch it. :((
  9. Vacations. :gusta:

    Raw live every week as well. :jeritroll:
  10. I'll try to upload it live like I do with RAW on a different channel.
  11. I'll travel today. I hope that the Internet works when I get to my destination.

    And nice to know you'll upload it Hoss.
  12. So not looking forward to this.
  13. I'm just curious about the winner of the Battle Royal... It'll probably be a disappointment with a random fully active wrestler being GM, but anyway, I'm curious.
  14. Hope im awake for this >.> woke up at 2:03am this morning just in time to miss the crappy promo at the beginning of raw :yay:
  15. Going to see Ryback squash some jobbers tonight! :ryback:
  16. Wait what's this battle royal?
  17. dunno but the winner will get to be the GM next week :yay:


    I'm hoping regal will be in it :emoji_grin: and Alex Riley!!!


    but kane has to win though.. would be funny if AJ was in it and won though
  18. 20 man Battle Royal featuring guys like Punk, Sheamus and Cena with the winner being SD GM next week.
  19. Will probably be Punk or Cena since they appear often on SmackDown now, they'll use it to progress storylines surely.
  20. Yeah... :sad:
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