SuperSmackDown LIVE results: July 3, 2012

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  1. SuperSmackDown LIVE results: July 3, 2012

    (WATCH | PHOTOS)Turning up his nose at America, Alberto Del Rio promised that he will win the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus at Money in the Bank and beat him so badly that he would send him back to Ireland like a little girl.

    The Mexican Aristocrat then began to torment the Corpus Christi, Texas, crowd, insisting that they were no different than Sheamus – confronting several audience members and demanding to see their “papers.”

    When he tried to get one of them kicked out for not producing them, The Celtic Warrior came to the rescue – attacking his No. 1 contender and igniting a fierce brawl that spread all the way to Del Rio’s car. Thanks to a disturbance by Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio gained the upper hand and proceeded to slammed the hood of his ride down upon The Great White over and over again.

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