News "Superstar" Billy Graham Dying?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham wrote the following on his Facebook about fellow Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher. Graham says doctors have told him he has about 2 years to live due to complications from hepatitis C. Graham wrote:

    "The fucking worthless sub-human piece of shit Abdullah. He never bladed me but as you know gave Hannibal Hep C which almost killed him and is going to kill me. The liver docs have recently told me I have about 2 years left then my liver fails and I take my final bump. So fuck Abdullah and I hope he dies a miserable death."


    One, bitter.

    Two, any thoughts on this? Seems horrible that a living legend is basically announcing his own death. Hope he survives.
  2. So uh, did he get Hep C from Abdullah or not? If he didn't I find it funny how he's talking about how he's going to die and makes sure to curse Abby.
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