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    Go there and find a colour you want. Some people not liking Purple. The colour will not be better than Legends though, that's not fair.
  2. Hi Crayo

    Hi Crayo

  3. The first one is okay. I'll bold it up though, since Superstars are bold. Second one is hideous.
  4. darkgoldenrod3 #CD950C

    if the color Gold is somehow better than Red than just make the Legends gold
  5. Test

    Doesn't this look more Orange?

    Also, to test it Dolph you can do this:

    [b][color=yourhexcodehere]I'm a nerd who tests things[/color][/b]
  6. That should be the legend colour imo.
  7. This

    It doesn't look orange IMO

    give legends gold, give me red, everybody wins
  8. Hang on, I'll need to test the glow behind it. #CrayoOnTheCase
  9. Right, changed atm. Not finalized yet. We need to change the glow to gold and usebars and stars etc, I'll speak to Xanth, despite what you think he does generally do stuff and this is his area of expertise.
  10. Probably going to regret this but are you happy Dolph?
  11. New legend stars, new superstar stars, new superstar userbar and new legends userbar. ALL BECAUSE OF DOLPH :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Nah I wanted Gold on legends for ages now, just never found the right one. We'll see how it all looks tomorrow. Tagging fatty aka @[Leviathan]
  12. Never realized how much pull I had around here.
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  13. You're our biggest draw with all your reverse psychology.
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  14. I'm scared you'll put me in the triangle choke.
  15. You guys would be susceptible to triangles, just like your MMA hero:

  16. Anderson Silva spends more time on his back than a pornstar with a mortgage. #PromoGuys
  18. You guys being Sonnen lovers makes me look forward to that rematch 10 X more. Going to be an epic night
  19. When is it again? Will be a bad boy header discussion thread announcement for that day.
  20. Not until June 23rd unfortunately.
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